BlackBerry And U2, Where’s The Love? Where’s The Mobile Album?

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Boy Genius posted his opinion after going to the first U2 concert of the North American 360 Tour. It was rumored that the Mobile Album was going to be released yesterday with that concert, but the concert was the only event that took place. Boy Genius stated that there was hardly any advertisements by RIM.

The post describes Boy Genius feeling what many of us would have felt if we had been there. Only a few banners of BlackBerry Loves U2 and a small hot-dog stand like place with a small BlackBerry ad. So why wasn’t there a vendor, or RIM reps representing BlackBerry? Why wasn’t there a screen with BlackBerry? And why hasn’t the Mobile Album been released as of yet? Who’s to say. With as outspoken and political as U2 are, perhaps that was part of the agreement. Perhaps U2 wanted as little signage as possible. Then again, It is an expensive investment RIM has invested in, so where’s the love?

You can read BlackBerry Loves U2 from the Boy Genius Report here >

Some of us may feel disappointment, which I do. I was so excited for the Niagara, then Tour, the Mobile Album, and while I have my Tour, I’m still waiting for the Album. Some of us may be confused, why didn’t BlackBerry have more advertisement as a sponsor? Why isn’t U2 showing more support for BlackBerry? I just wonder if the app will be released soon, or at the end of the U2 360 Tour. I love U2, I have since they came out. And their outspoken views and opinions have always been loud. Remember Sun City in Africa? And BlackBerry has been an icon as well, and lately with the Phoenix Coyote ordeal, RIM has had some loud statements as well. They both do and say as they believe, so I refuse to be negative toward either one, but I feel a little deprived. I would like to see the mobile album and see more involvement of both RIM supporting U2 more and U2 promoting their sponsor and showing their support. Any thoughts out there you would like to share?

[via: Boy Genius Report]

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  • Lee

    I was there this evening (well, technically yesterday now) and was disappointed at the lack of BlackBerry exposure. Outside Soldier Field there were a couple of black-suit-white-hat Blackberry folks at a couple of tables, making no effort to do ANYTHING at all. And once inside I saw a couple of “Blackberry Loves U2″ banners, and that’s it. Money well spent, RIM…

  • Tracy Hill

    I will be seeing the U2 tour here in Los Angeles, and I am very much looking forward to it. I know it’s going to be a great show. Having said that, I am really saddened by how little bang this tour has created for BlackBerry. I sent U2’s management and BlackBerry a concept that I thought would have been great for both. In short, since BlackBerry is the sponsor, I thought it would have been great for the band members and crew to use BlackBerries to take photos, videos, send tweets (set lists, thoughts, etc. at each stage of the tour: during performances, press conferences, radio interviews, etc. The photos would have been uploaded to Flickr, video to Youtube, etc daily. It would have been as if you we could have all been a fly on the wall during the tour. What better way to display the multimedia capabilities of the BlackBerry. They decided to do nothing instead. I really think it could have been huge for BlackBerry in social media, because people could have shared the content they wanted to with friends, spreading it all virally, and giving it a life long after the tour.

  • Susan C


    I would have thought that if everyone including the members of U2 were all on BlackBerry devices, the U2 mobile album would be the ultimate in being united…that’s the impression I had from the commercial…but it doesn’t seem to be that way.