Attn Storm Owners: A New And First Free Game For The BlackBerry Storm!

September 5, 2009 | By | 5 Comments


Yes, you read it right, FREE. The game is called BlackHole and it takes using the Storm’s tilting and rolling capabilities where you as the player needs to navigate the balls into a circle without touching the walls too often. You should download this one and try it and let us know what the verdict is.


Much thanks to John from S4BB for letting us know. You know I’d be trying this one except for one problem, I sport the Tour instead. You can download the BlackHole Free here >

The game is compatible with the Touch Screen Capable BlackBerry Storm, OS 4.7 or later.

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  • DavidB

    I’m sure your comment at the end should be Storm, not Tour.

    And you mean first free game from these guys, right? There are a bunch of free games for the Storm in App World, GetJar, etc.

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  • Jason

    First, I shouldn’t have to sign up for a newsletter to get a game. They make it mandatory to sign up which is ghey.

    Second, the game is lame and way to sensitive.

    Avoid this garbage like the bubonic plague…

  • funkym

    I just finished the game with a stunning score of 173!

    Seems pretty easy to me 8-)

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