Why BlackBerry Has The Upper Hand Over The iPhone

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Seeking Alpha posted an interesting article written by Anton Wahlman entitled “BlackBerry’s 26 Advantages Over iPhone“. The point being made that while you are woowed and wowed with the iPhone’s flamboyant looks and word of die hard iPhone advocates, don’t over look tried, true, and stable. BlackBerry is the tortoise who will win the race by it’s reliability and ability.

So let’s go through the 26 and see what you think.

The article tells about how the iPhone is the flamboyant candidate to the consumer, while BlackBerry has the behind the scene advantages, like the intellectual candidate. The article lists 26 advantages the iPhone has.

1. BlackBerry smartphones can be used on almost every carrier in the world ( over 475 of them), the iPhone in the US, AT&T only. That gives RIM a great advantage. I can go to any carrier in the US and get a BlackBerry.

2. The BlackBerry smartphone is available in five forms. The small keyboard (Pearl), Large Keyboard (Curve, Bold, 8900, Tour), no keyboard (Storm), flip (the new Flip Pearl), and candy bar. The iPhone, well…it’s an iPhone. I love the full keyboard of my Tour but miss the suretype of the Pearl.

3. Most BlackBerry smartphones have keyboards that allow you to easily type while on the go, walking, using one hand, carrying items, what have you. I know I can be answering while carrying groceries, walking, and waking up half asleep.  The iPhone….okay, next!

4. BlackBerry uses the standardized micro and mini usb connectors that you can find anywhere in the world inexpensively. You can always find a cable anywhere and in any store or wireless carrier. The iPhone has a larger 30-pin PROPRIETARY connector.

5. Sprint and Verizon Wireless (amongst others) offer international BlackBerry data roaming for $40 or less a month. iPhone does not. This can save you money when you’re traveling out of the county.

6. T-Mobile offers unlimited wi-fi calling with your BlackBerry, with no special steps to take.  Same number and no new number necessary. iPhone can’t do this (only T-Mobile).

7. BlackBerry has expandable memory with a microsd or micro sdhc card, the iPhone is fixed with 8, 16, or 32 gigs. I love being able to keep my music on my card and not worry about how much I’m using.

8. Somewhat of the same take. BlackBerry has expandable and removable battery. iPhone is still fixed. We know where to go for our battery power.

9. BlackBerry allows programs to multitask. iPhone is limited with multitasking.

10. The newest BlackBerry screen is 480×360. The iPhone’s resolution is 480×320. Bigger screen for finer details.

11. With BlackBerry you can communicate peer-to-peer via PIN, going right past the email system. iPhone doesn’t have anything similar. I like the advantage of being able to pin someone if it’s important. Most people hand out their number, we BlackBerry owners can hand out our pin.

12. Skype (EBAY) on the BlackBerry? Yes from anywhere to anywhere. Skype on the iPhone? Only if you’re on wi-fi. I know there’s a lot of Skype users out there.

13. Sling for the BlackBerry is available and FREE, Sling for the iPhone is $30.

14. Google Voice on the BlackBerry is possible and FREE, Google Voice for the iPhone…ok next!

15. If you have multiple computers, BlackBerry can be synchronized to all of them. So you can have them at home like your desktop and laptop and even your netbook.

16. If you have more than one BlackBerry, they can receive the same email feeds simultaneously. Shared email accounts are no problem.

17. BlackBerry can sort your contact book by the company names. The iPhone can take several seconds to search your address book.

18. BlackBerry runs the same with 10.000 or 100.00 contacts in the contact book. Try running your iPhone with 10,000 addresses.

19. All major messengers are available for the BlackBerry. But let’s not forget the most favored one, the BlackBerry Messenger that we use to communicate with one another.

20. BlackBerry is available with various browsers from different suppliers, such as the BlackBerry internet browser, Opera Mini, amongst others. The iPhone has the standard safari browser.

21. BlackBerry synchronizes with iTunes, and other music management programs.

22. The BlackBerry smartphones that have 480 pixel resolution and Wi-Fi offer PrimeTime2Go. It’s an $8 a month service that acts like a DVR.

23. BlackBerry will fit as many emails into the inbox as there is memory. iPhone is limited to 200. iPhone does have a remote lookup capability, but you can’t use that when you’re in a remote area or a plane.

24. Unlimited voice/data with unlimited SMS for the iPhone is around $150 a month. The service for a BlackBerry can be cheaper. Unlimited BlackBerry for Sprint is around $100 a month. T-Mobile has the service for around $125. Metro/PCS around $50 a month for BlackBerry, AT&T and Verizon match at $150 a month.

25. Prepaid service for BlackBerry or no contract. AT&T does not allow a noncontract plan for the iPhone though they did at one time if you paid around $899 for the phone. T-Mobile does do prepaid no contract BlackBerry service on any old or new BlackBerry handset for $65 a month (600 mins, unlimited BlackBerry service, no SMS text). You can have unlimited everything from MetroPCS for $50 though there is a limited handset selection and limited coverage area.

26. BlackBerry is an encrypted military-grade security platform, 100% market share at FBI, CIA, the White House, Congress, Department of Defense, major consulting firms and agencies, and major investment banks. iPhone has security vulnerabilities.

27. Thanks to one of our readers, and my oversight (and I live in the US, I’m really embarrassed to have forgotten this one!), Our President of the US, President Obama held to his guns and would not give up his beloved BlackBerry, as our leader that says ALOT!!!

28. Thanks to our readers again for reminding me, RIM is releasing BlackBerry Desktop Manager for the OS X, so OS X is no longer iPhone exclusive.

29. My favorite one, try getting phone insurance for the iPhone. It won’t happen, but we can insure our BlackBerry smartphones, no questions asked! That’s a huge one for me….

Feel free to read the article, though I listed all of them. I know we love our BlackBerry and the things we do with it. I would never entertain the thought of settling for an iPhone ever. We’re curious to know what you think. We welcome your thoughts and like to know which number is your favorite. I personally can’t decide between 11 and 19.

[via: Seeking Alpha]

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  • http://www.antfreq.com Anthony Cathey

    Point #14 needs to be corrected. Compares iPhone to itself

  • DavidB

    #8 was about the BATTERY, not memory.

    I wasn’t aware iPhone was limited to 200 emails. Seriously? I get that many in less than 2 days! I have 60 days worth of emails in 5 email addresses on my Tour. And yes, I DO use search to look back at old ones.

  • http://itsreallyjustme.net justelise

    You may want to add: #27 RIM is releasing a Blackberry Desktop Manager for OS X, so being a Mac user will no longer be an excuse to not buy a Blackberry.

  • cooled209

    # 14. Reads “Google Voice on the iPhone is possible and FREE, Google Voice for the iPhone…ok next!” .

    I think it should be “Google Voice on Blackberry is possible and FREE, Google Voice for the iPhone…ok next!

    Other than that, I love it!

  • http://twitter.com/jschairb Josh Schairbaum

    #19 I didn’t know that any actually used Blackberry messenger, I tried it once and found it to be terrible, I couldn’t connect to anything. Is it really only for connecting Blackberry to Blackberry?

  • Olaf Brandt

    Hey!? Why no mention of #27 … the Commander in Chief, President Obama uses what? A blackberry. Next!

  • Susan C

    Thank you all for catching the few things I forgot. I even added one more!

  • http://www.predator-software.com Jim A

    #30 Most standard applications on the blackberry have more features and options than the comparable iphone application.

  • http://twitter.com/justlh Justlh

    There are some points that you made that I totally agree with and then there are some im like uhhh really… I have a BB and really really like it and have had the iPhone, but have been considering switching back to the iPhone only for 3 major reason that I don’t like about my BB. 1, 2,3,5,6 and 20 are ok not really that big to me and 4&7 are small things but can become major issues.

  • Susan C

    I know some consumers don’t care about the big picture, but for me the major issues are expandable memory and battery, and insurance, which is by far the most important reason for me. I think there are apples and there are BlackBerry fans. It’s just more adaptable and can use more files and formats. And yes, BlackBerry apps have more features and options because it can be adaptable.

  • http://www.jornab.com/ Arnoldo Villalouos

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