Tons of FREE Clean and Simple BlackBerry Tour Themes!

August 14, 2009 | By | 13 Comments


Sometimes I just want a simple and basic theme for my Tour 9630. On Twitter one of the people I follow (@0mie) has created tons of simple and clean themes for the BlackBerry Tour. The themes are all designed with the original icons that come on your device. These themes are perfect for those who don’t like all the crazy icons and backgrounds. All themes are available for Over the Air (OTA) download by following the links below…

Check out all 0mie’s BlackBerry Tour themes here >>

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  • James

    All OTA links have been fixed… Sorry about that.

  • Rick

    good stuff. thanks a bunch, but i am seein a bit of a delay, is that norman???

  • faith

    do you have a theme that allows you to have the weather icon on the home screen? i currently have the upside down u theme w/ today and i love it, however i would love to have the current temperature posted on my home screen also. thanks

  • Joe

    ive been looking for the L theme since i used it on my old pearl, thanks for the share

  • Chris

    I love the L and U and can’t seem to find them any place so thank you for making them. The only issue I am seeing is that I can’t scroll to all the icons on the L or the U. I tried all of them that you have and all have the same issue.

  • Ryan

    Are the links broken? I get a 404 error on each one.

  • Savannah

    Same here with the 404 error. Please help.

  • olivia

    Will the links be fixed? I really want these. They look awesome!

  • Brandon

    PLEASE FIX!!! they don’t make these anywhere for the tour!!!!!?????

  • Roland Ben

    This is a very helpful post, I was looking for this information. Just so you know I found your site when I was browsing for blogs like mine, so please check out my site sometime and leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

  • Mark

    Man, all these links are dead. Anyway they can be re-upped??? I really want the U and L Themes for my Tour. I will donate :)

  • mel

    no. all links are broken. :(

  • Burt Przygocki

    Thanks for sharing, please keep an update about this info. love to read it more. i like this site too much. Good theme .