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Last week I presented the SMobile Security Security Shield Parental Control Edition. Today I’m reviewing the SMobile Anti-Theft And Identity Protection. The product is pretty similar however, it does not have access to viewing everything on the handset, it is primarily what it states, Anti-Theft And Identity Protection.

SMobile Anti-Theft And Identity Protection is $29.99 for an annual subscription. It is an application that you download and install on your phone, and access to an online Lock, Wipe, Backup, and GPS locator dashboard online, allowing you to protect your information. Ever since the Etisalat incident, awareness of spyware and viruses directed at smart phones and BlackBerry smart phones is becoming more of a concern. We have reviewed the Roblock and SmrtGuard producsts, but SMobile is different. It has the anti-virus which the others don’t. There have been an increasing amount of malicious software targeting BlackBerry handsets, mainly because they are the standard PDA phone for email used for business. The BlackBerry devices do use powerful email-encryption and security system, making it difficult for outside parties to access. The Etilasat would forward email to another email address. SMobile classified the Etilasat “upgrade” as spyware.

SMobile Systems is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. For over three years, SMobile VirusGuard has been the only anti-virus solution that protects BlackBerry handsets from Malware, Spyware, and cyber attacks. Adding this with remote Lock, Wipe, Backup, and Restore and GPS Locator, it has presented an affordable security solution that was only previously available to large enterprise IT departments utilizing the BES. It’s now available to consumers and small business owners.

I downloaded the application and installed it on my BlackBerry Tour 9630, the file requires the BlackBerry Desktop Manager as it downloads as a zip and must be installed through the BDM. When you purchase the app, the builds are available for direct download. The product is purchased, and then an email is sent to direct the customer to visit from their browser to download the app for their device. It installed quickly. I actually installed it at the same time that I did the Parental Control Edition. It installed quickly. I used my user name given and created a password, and entered the phone number the program was to be registered to with a 1 in front of your phone number. Choose to have MDS only if you’re on the BES, otherwise MDS should be off.  Then your next step is to go to the SMobile Lock, Wipe, Backup, Restore and GPS Locate Dashboard on a pc and create your log in using the username and password you have on your phone. When you log in, you have the following options: Lock Handset, Unlock Handset, Wipe Handset, Send Backup, and GPS Location. Click on your chosen action and click send. Your phone will receive the command via text.

On the phone, I recommend updating your anti-virus by updating the signatures. Your options for Virus Guard are Virus Guard, Update Now, Update Log, Options, Settings, Support Info, Help, and About. Virus Guard displays the Monitor Status which should say enabled and the last update and license Expiration date. Settings are how often to Auto-Update Frequency, The License Key, Server, Phone number, User and Password. Support shows: License Key, Server, Phone, User, IMEI, and Pin. Backup and Restore shows Last backup and Last restore. I did do a backup and it’s very easy. It sent it to my email in case I needed to do a wipe in the event I have lost my phone or it is stolen. From the Backup and Restore, you can Backup your data or choose to Restore.

I used the panel to Lock my handset ( a command sent by the Dashboard to the phone and comes via text) which I tried to unlock but to no avail, Unlock my handset (again sent from online and the command was sent via text, and unlocked), to Send a Backup (not to wipe, didn’t want to try that), and to use the GPS Locator. It worked great. I didn’t have any issues. I’m very happy with the customer service, questions and concerns are answered promptly. I like the way it is easy to use, user friendly, easy to navigate, and easy on the eyes. It’s basic and uses little battery life. Great product for the price. Customer Service and Support are very reliable and prompt, all issues and questions handled quickly. That is very important when you are using a product for the first time, changing phones, or upgrading OS. This product gives you the comfort and assurance that should you be sent by text or email a virus or trojan of some sort, that SMobile is there to defend you and your BlackBerry and your information. I highly recommend this product for it’s ability to run in the background with little energy, and the very simple user friendliness of the app and the online dashboard. And $29.99 a year isn’t bad at all when you think about it, it’s under $2.50 a month. That’s a small price to pay to have the convenience of BES protection without being on the BES. I have to wonder how many consumers and celebrities alike know about SMobile and the time and headaches it could have saved.

You can purchase the SMobile Anti-Theft And Identity Protection for $29.99 per annual subscription here >


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