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One of the popular unique theme designers, NinjaThemes, has a great theme out called Slyde. It’s clever, sharp, and has a very futuristic, metallic, and tech-like feel to it. NinjaThemes puts emphasis on his themes being easy on the phone, but yet stylish and different. Slyde is definitely one of my fave themes available for the Tour so far.

The features of this theme are as follows:

  • Minimal wallpaper needed, however most any background goes well.
  • High definition icons
  • User-customizable bottom dock
  • “Weather” Icon Slot – perfect for weather apps, or whatever else you like to have up there.
  • HUGE battery FTW!
  • ***NOTE***
  • (9000 theme shown; 8900 is very similar)

Slyde is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store and sells for $2.99 but is currently available for $1.00 until August 31st. I installed Slyde on my BlackBerry Tour 9630. It installed quickly, I did the battery pull, and then set the theme. My first impression of Slyde is how it looks, very appealing in a futuristic techie style. It’s sleek, metallic, and the contrasts of textures and colors are perfect.

The main screen is black wiht a mesh of green overlaying it. The Profiles icon shows on the top left and the GPS on the top right. There is a larrge rectangle in the center with two smaller rectangles on the top and another in the bottom. The rectangles are silver outlined and in the large rectangle sits the time in big numbers in the top left corner, the alarm icon in the middle, and a large battery with the current life status in the right. The date sits in smaller lettering beneath the time, and there’s a special spot for your weather app in the bottom left of the rectangle (if you have one). The smaller rectangle that sits on the top left of the large one displays the messages received, the smaller one on the right displays coverage and bars.  The smaller rectangle on the bottom displays the name of the icon as you hover over it.

When you hit the Options buttom you can see all the icons in their squares. It does separate most of the icons for you. Files are metallic silver with the blackberry symbol. The email icons are a white envelope with the @ sign, the BlackBerry messenger is white and black with the BlackBerry symbol in a blue sign, and you want to make sure your weather app is the first icon in line. The contact book is white with silver outline and silver tabs and a silver @ symbol on it, all your apps are easy to find.

Besides having a special spot for your weather app, here’s another neat feature of the theme: the battery icon. It appears as a cylinder outlined onthe top and bottom in silver. The juice in the cylinder turns red when it’s low and when you charge it, it appears as a crooked blue arrow coming down. If the battery is full, the juice is green and at the top. Decreasing life changes from green to yellow to red. That was pretty neat to look at and glance at your battery life.

Overall, Slyde is user friendly, easy to figure out, and customer service with NinjaThemes is great. The theme is professional looking, I can see this appealing to a variety of BlackBerry users out there. This theme is actually one of my personal favorites that I keep because of how it looks. I like that it’s customizable, allowing you to move your icons and decide which ones grace your main screen. For those reasons I give it a top rating because there’s no thoughts as to what could be improved, the theme is great the way it is and looks.

You can download Slyde by NinjaThemes for $1.00 till August 31st from the BlackBerry Sync Store here >

Compatible with BlackBerry OS: 4.6, 4.7 (TrackBall devices)

Compatible with BlackBerry devices: Blackberry 9000 / 8900 BD w/ “Weather” Icon for Blackberry TOUR 9630

[rating: 5/5]

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