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I know I just announced *Conquest*v.1 by Cocky Culture, but I was able to really take a good look at it and install it on my BlackBerry Tour and it’s stunning. The theme encapsules professional with style, enhancing your Tour and creating a dreamy regal look. It’s different and unlike any theme I’ve ever installed.

I installed the *Conquest* on my BlackBerry Tour and did the battery pull. After the phone started back up this is what I noticed. The first screen has a shield, some vintage design and crown that sits on a silver and gold background that looks like aged metal or an old painting. The first nine icons are the ones displayed in a square in the middle. Scrolling down the square hides the square leaving just the front screen displaying time in black on the top right corner and a white alarm symbol. In the center the date is displayed in black. There is also some lines that look like half moons. Here’s the neat part, the inner half circle is the signal and the outer half circle is the battery life. You can actually watch them slowly move.

The options button brings up all the icons, done in vintage looking style. battery life and time are displayed in the top left corner and coverage and bars in the top right. The background is gold and silver with vintage design. As you scroll over each icon, a metal circle surrounds each icon.

When going into your messages, clicking the options button brings up a dark smokey colored option display that is transparent. The theme is easy to navigate and smooth. I really like the way it is professional and adult geared, giving the vintage and European feel to it, noble and aged. It states wisdom and is stylish.

I can see this theme appealing to professionals, adults who want a distinguished and adult feel theme, something appropriate for home and the work place. If you have put off getting a theme because you were wanting something different that has nothing to do with movies, cartoons, fun and corny, or simple or ordinary, this is the theme you’ve waited for. This theme feels as natural in your hand as an antique ornament or heirloom, and feels as timeless.

This premium theme *Conquest* v1.0 by Cocky Culture sells for $4.95 regularly but is on sale for half off until August 21st in the BlackBerry Sync Store. This is one theme you’re going to want in your themes. Cocky Culture has other themes as well, and while I hadn’t really noticed them, I’m very taken by this theme and will have to check the others out.

You can purchase your copy of *Conquest*v1.0 from the BlackBerry Sync Store for $2.48 till Aug 21st here >

Compatible with OS: 4.7

Compatible with the Tour

[rating: 5/5]

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