Free Download! TwiXtreme “The Sweetest Twitter Client for BlackBerry”

August 28, 2009 | By | 4 Comments


Another new Twitter client for BlackBerry has hit the market. It’s called TwiXtreme, and its a free download for most BlackBerry devices. TwiXtreme is 100% ad free, and features the usual Twitter needs such as recent updates, favorites, direct messages, etc. This app also features a cool graphical interface which looks pretty sweet! Follow the links below to download TwiXtreme directly to your BlackBerry. More details on the app at their website.

Download TwiXtreme for OS 4.2 to 4.5 OTA >>

Download TwiXtreme for OS 4.6 or higher >>

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  • Eric

    Downloaded & tried it yesterday. Still like Tweet Genius better (though it’s $5 and currently unavailable) because it’s way less intrusive. TwiXtreme has no obvious way to change the settings, so you’re left with a notification anytime anyone in your timeline sends a tweet. Not just @replies or DMs. And there aren’t any keyboard shortcuts. And you can’t track a conversation through the replies (“In reply to ____”). Does have a great & entertaining UI though…and it’s free. Worth a try at least.

  • Susan C

    I tried the TwiXtreme, and at first it was neat, I like the jumping chubby bird when working, but the problem I had was after a while it would stop. After a day it would do this: It would display the icon with a number of tweets to alert me, but the app would not allow me to access them, only to bring older ones up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and nothing worked, it going back to the same issue.

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