Create Custom Launcher Icons on Your BlackBerry Homescreen with LaunchPad

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Ever wish you could create your own homescreen launchers? Have on click access to your favorite websites? Well a new product has just hit the BlackBerry Sync Store. It’s called LaunchPad and basically allows you to create custom icons for nearly any site. This application gets installed right on your device, and is available for the BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900, Storm and Tour. Generally this app costs $1.99, however they are having a launch sale and offering it 50% off until August 15th. That means you can get LaunchPad for only .99 cents!!

LaunchPad is a utility to allow you to make your own homescreen web launcher icons by simply giving it a URL, a title, and optionally and icon. LaunchPad allows you to pick your own image as an icon, or it will even try to fetch the icon from the website if it provides a large size icon (not all sites do this, but many of the larger ones such as CNN do)

Creating an icon is simple. Click on the LaunchPad icon and you are presented with a simple form. Enter all the values, and then click the button. That’s it! Now you have your very own web launcher icon on your homescreen. Clicking it will launch the browser and take you straight to the page you chose. The perfect, eye-pleasing solution for all those frequently visited websites.

NOTE: The BlackBerry can sometimes forget the name that was set for an application, if the name is set the way LaunchPad sets it, when the homescreen is updated (due to changing theme or deleting an application). This will resolve itself on its own if you restart the device, or you can open LaunchPad and click on ‘Refresh Launchers’ in the menu.


  • Pick your own title
  • Choose an image stored on your device, use the default icon, or try to fetch the icon from the website if it provides one
  • Simple to use

Purchase LaunchPad today from the BlackBerry Sync Store >>

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