BlackBerry App World Makes Its Entrace Online!

August 19, 2009 | By | Add a Comment


It’s one thing to browse through the app on your BlackBerry in hand, sometimes you just want to know if the app’s available and read in a full screen. Even iTunes has an online version, and RIM has followed as well. BlackBerry App World online version officially launched Tuesday and mirrors the online app with a few extras included.

There’s even a spotlight on the featured apps, a search bar, and gives you the ability to to browse by the category you’re searching for. Pricing information is available to you as well as the minimum requirements, ratings by star and even users comments. There are screenshots of the apps and hyperlinked icons to share with social networks or by email.

For now there’s no way to pay or actually do an order online. You need to send yourself a link, which takes you to the site from the phone and a link to the app. A little out of the way but it’s a start. Rome was not built in a day, and we know that RIM will improve the process. Perhaps with a little time it will get become like the BlackBerry Sync Store, where you can buy your app online and a link sent with an activation code to your phone.

I’m happy to see RIM reaching out online as well as the phone. What possibilities would you like to see for an online version?

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