Tips And Reminders For Newbies And The Beginners

July 27, 2009 | By | 3 Comments


With the leak of the BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 and the files available on line, there’s been a few things that are important to stress and go over for some newbies and fresh BlackBerry owners. I’m going to lead by example and share my own experience to stress why some things are important.


First of all, when you have your BlackBerry please remember that the OS is very important. You should know what version your OS on your phone is. Reason being that when there are released apps, they may be compatible with your OS but not the version. For instance, I had the Curve 8330. So when the BBM 5.0’s link was sent to me, I installed it and boom! Gone! All my contacts lost in the virtual world. I had a backup, last month’s backup. And no messenger. I had to reinstall the original OS version of my bbm through the BlackBerry Desktop Manager once more. So here’s why it didn’t work. I didn’t have the compatible OS version for the 5.0 messenger. They always list what OS version they are compatible with, and there’s that reason. So to find out your OS version, go to Options/About. The third line when you click on About is your OS version. Please keep this in mind when you download an app. If the app states a different OS version, DO NOT ATTEMPT IT, or do so knowing that it may have adverse affects, from a lost app to a brick phone. And I’ve had the question: “What about the BBM 5.0 for my phone?” And I answer with “Don’t do it, it’s not compatible for your version”. And a day or two later I hear “My messenger disappeared. I turned it on and it was like that. I didn’t do anything.” Yes, I know exactly what you did, been there done that. If you follow the general guidelines and know your phone, then things will be much easier. Don’t worry, if the app isn’t ready for your OS yet, you have two options. One, wait for the app to be available for your phone. Or you can update your OS to one that’s compatible for your phone and the app, which leads me to the next section.

When installing an OS that is leaked and not from your vendor, be sure to follow instructions carefully and remember, doing it on your own means you are taking your own risk. Again, knowing what you’re doing or following instructions is very important. Being careful and watching what you do will keep your phone happy and not fubar. But even more to keep in mind, to keep you happy with the peace of mind that your phone isn’t bricked and can work. Or that you don’t lose an app that is important to you. Upgrading a leaked or borrowed OS is not for those who don’t have the instructions or someone to guide them, or if you aren’t that tech savvy.

For any others who would care to share their stories, please do. And newbies and the daring, please keep these guidelines in mind. Most tech issues are because of simple things I’ve listed. We’re not just here to share exciting news, we’re here to help make your BlackBerry experiences better and make it easier for you, and we’re all here to learn from another, and to guide each other.

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