Review: Case-Mate’s Fuel Holster for BlackBerry Bold

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Ever wish your holster could do more? The creative folks at Case-Mate recently introduced one of the coolest ideas for a holster I’ve seen yet. The Fuel holster by Case-Mate allows you to charge your device while on the go, with the press of a button. The fuel holster features a 2300 mA lithium polymer battery pack which provides about 7 additional hours of talk time or 20 additional days beyond the Bold’s standard battery life. So what do I think of the Fuel case overall? Let’s read on…

I tested out the Fuel holster for about a week solid and was impressed with the overall battery life and convenience of the holster. The Fuel case was like reserve tank, that allowed me to ensure my battery was always topped up. Before even using the Fuel case one of the most important questions that came to mind was, “Will it effect my batteries overall life span?” I came to find out that the Fuel case does not always charge your battery. Basically it includes a power button on the side, which you need to press for it to charge the device. This means that you device won’t be on the charger all of the time, causing your batteries overall life span to remain unaffected. I guess one of the most important things is to be sure not to always leave the battery pack on when you don’t really need it. It’s great for emergencies, let’s put it that way.


Let’s talk about the basics:

The Design: The overall design of the fuel holster is fairly basic. It features a rubberized design with charging port and power button on the left side. The clip doesn’t seem to be a super durable clip like found on other cases (such as OtterBox) but it does do the job. Unfortunately the design does not allow use for any other types of cases or skins, except Case-Mate’s stylish BackPack battery doors. The fuel case comes equipped with sleep mode magnets, allowing your Bold to go into sleep mode when not in use, just like a holster.

The Price: Even though almost anyone could benefit from the Fuel case, the price may not be for everyone. Currently the Fuel case retails at Case-Mate for $79.99 USD or $77.95 from our store. While it may be more than the average holster, it’s quite a great idea for the people who use their Bold for business and are on the go.

Where to buy: You can pick out the BlackBerry Bold Fuel Case from The BlackBerry Sync Store for $77.95.


Conclusion: The Fuel case makes a great solution for those who are always on the go. This holster feels durable and yet has a professional business-like feeling you have come to expect from case-Mate. Case-Mate has really out done themselves with the battery packed into this product, providing nearly 1.5x the normal amount of battery life. While this product isn’t one of the cheapest solutions on the market coming in at just under $80, it’s defiantly a great solution. This is definitely more than an accessory, it’s an overall investment and a perfect compliment to your work, your travel, you, and your BlackBerry. We recommend you check it out if your in the market for a new holster or consistently recharging your device.


Pros: Sleep mode, Tons of battery life, Power switch to control when in use, Great clip ensures maximum security on belt, puts device to sleep with magnet.

Cons: Price may not be for everyone, Can not use with any of skins/cases,.

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