PhoneMag’s take on the BlackBerry Tour 9630 from Verizon

July 2, 2009 | By | 4 Comments


I know by now some of your might be getting sick of all the hands-on reviews of the BlackBerry Tour, but just think soon enough you will be able to get your own! Until then here is another hands-on review by the team at PhoneMag. In their review they have included some great pictures and a video review for you to enjoy. My favorite is they finish off the review with this line “If a hardware keyboard is a must, then the BlackBerry Tour may just be Verizon’s best device.” which sounds very promising for the Big Red carrier, also known as Verizon. So take a second and browse the review, drool and then post a comment and let us know how bad you want one…

See the full at review here.

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  • eric

    I talked to a Sprint Rep yesterday, and accodring to him Sprint’s Tour will have wi-fi. I think it is crazy that they gave the 8350i for Nextel wi-fi, but not the other phones. Also according to him all of the future Sprint PDA’s wll be sporting wi-fi. He is a pretty reliable source, so I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • James

    The Sprint BlackBerry Tour will NOT have Wi-Fi. We may see it in future models, but the 9630 will not.

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