MyPhone v1.0.0.0 by MMMOOO Soon To Be Released

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There’s a new app coming to the BlackBerry. MyPhone by MMMOOO has been available to the iPhone, but there’s a version coming to the BlackBerry as well. In case you’re wondering what the MyPhone app is, I’m going to explain. The MyPhone is like a theme you can navigate, somewhat similar to a LiveScreen, but very different.


I had the honor of trying out the app, prior to the help portion. The app makes your BlackBerry resemble in iPhone and has side to side navigation through pages. It installed quickly and easily on my Curve 8330, and after restarting my phone, I found the little blue square icon with a white circle surrounding a white smiley face. The app opens to a black screen with the bars of service on the very top left corner, the name of the wireless carrier on the top center, and the battery life remaining on the top right. Then it has a black battery with a neon green color displaying the amount of battery life and on the very bottom it says Enter to unlock  with a white and grey arrow. Clicking on the trackball moves the arrow from left to right and the app opens to its icons. They all display in front of the black background except for the bottom row which displays on the bottom in front of a grey dotted row, these constant icons that don’t move are Lock, Call, Messages, and Contacts. The other icons move, and all the icons are brightly colored. I really love the brightness of the app. There are some dots above the grey bar of icons, these dots show which page of icons you are on. Q and P are the navigating keys for the app.



The first page displays Weather, Calendar, Web, Camera, Alarm, Maps, Settings, and Help. The Weather icon is really neat. When you click the trackball next to it, it has a place for city name, you click the trackball, type the city name, click the trackball again click q for F or leave if C, and click the trackball again, click P. The weather will display with the current weather and forecast. The other apps open what they say.

The next page displays Media, Calculator, Profiles, Notes, Options, Quit, Search, and Tools. Media didn’t open for me, but the others did. Tools is very unique. It gives you the choice of self test, memory clean, and torch. You can actually go straight to memory clean or test on your phone, the very command you have to find in status with TEST. So that to me was extremely useful and time saving.




The last page displays MySettings, Slide, Office, Desktop, Record, Music, and iRadioOn. MySettings is a really neat icon for the app, it displays wallpapers you can change to. Clicking the trackball brings you to the wallpapers, first one a black background with a neon green battery, moving the trackball to your left brings up the next one. There’s a man in black and white with a starred baret in front of a red background, a computerized face with two red hearts for eyes and a frown, a heart on a black background with a bite out of it that says ILove U, a computerized face with a red plus sign, two closed “eyes’ and a straight mouth, a rainbow dancing around a white and blue cloud with stars that reminds me of a care bear theme, and a red lipstick stain on a black screen. Slide is Power Point, Office is the office apps, Music wouldn’t open, iRadioOn turns your radio on or off. Here’s another cool feature, you can move the icons on the pages by holding the navigation key (the trackball) for a second, allowing you to move the ones you use most to the first page! So it’s like having a virtual iPhone desktop for your BlackBerry.



I love the app, I see a lot of good potential in it. I really like the convenience of some of the shortcuts such as memory cleaner and the test. I know the app isn’t totally finished, but I’d like to see an icon for one or two of the messengers (especially the BlackBerry Messenger and maybe the Google Talk), that would be nice. Perhaps one of my digital radio apps, such as Pandora or one of my Twitter apps, since I have Tweet Genius and SocialScope. It could be called MyTwitter. Those would be nice icons in the future, but it is extremely colorful and fun, and simulates an iPhone, so you can have the look on the phone that you love and choose, your beloved BlackBerry.

But for now, even without the help section, it is really nice. It makes everything easy, doesn’t use much memory or battery.  I did notice however, that the weather icon functions best when fully charged, than a low battery. I’m excited to see what it will be like when it’s fully finished, and includes the help file. I’m including some pics so that you can get an idea what to expect, it looks very much like the MyPhone that MMMOOO designed for the iPhone. And everything MMMOOO comes out with has been unique and fun. This is one of those apps.

I see this popular with those who like themes, who like the color, and those who want a theme to simulate the iPhone that is interactive. It’s very colorful, easy to navigate, and offers some convenience and usefulness as well. It’s going to be out for release soon, and we’ll let you know when it is, and for what price. I would definitely recommend it if you love themes and like the iPhone but won’t settle for the iPhone.

How many of you out there are theme lovers? We’d like to know, and we’d like to know what you think of the app, any comments?

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