Inspiring and Artistic Themes To Dress Your BlackBerry By NinjaThemes

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There are some really nice themes around and quite a few theme designers, and there are some really beautiful ones from NinjaThemes. There are twenty three available, some are free and some have a small price, but they’re all worth it. I’m going to feature a few to show, but I know you’re going to be impressed.

The themes by this designer are creative, vibrant, and very attention-grabbing. You can see the thought in each theme, and as I always suggest, please do a battery pull after the install. The themes are for the BlackBerry Curve 83xx series, Curve 8900, and the Bold 9000. There are various designs and styles, and something for everyone.




This theme above is Carbon Slick for the BlackBerry Curve 83xx, the8900 and the Bold. It is available through the BlackBerry Sync Store and it’s FREE. It features a hidden today menu and a customizable bottom dock. The reds and the blacks are very vibrant and intense. Perfect match for a black phone, or one with a red case…pure slickness.




This is the Beach Bum for the 9000 only. It’s vibrant and you can almost feel the waves and hear the seagulls in the background. Beach Bum is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for $2.99. Features of this theme are clear iPhone-like icons, hidden beach wallpapers, and a hidden today (scroll over the icons for the list).  I love beach themes, it gives me a few minutes to close my eyes and vacation for a few seconds. Relaxing and beautiful.



This one is Purple Haze Astralis~ and it’s for the Curve 83xx series with 4.5 OS. It features a sky filled with beautiful stars to gaze at. Purple Haze Astralis~ is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for $3.99. This theme features beatiful stars with theme colors that compliment the wallpaper, iPhone icons, today theme with messages and calendar, and the bottom dock is customizable. These sort of themes are nice, and remind you of clear sky nights. It’s a great way to have the universe in your hands.



This theme is the Ultimate Watchmen Theme for the Curve 8330 4.5 OS only. If you’re a fan of the Watchmen, guess what? This one is FREE. You can download the Ultimate Watchmen Theme for FREE from the BlackBerry Sync Store. This theme features Today and Bottom theme, colorful watchmen wallpapers from the movie, the 6-icon bottom dock is customizable, and they are Bold-like icons. Great theme if you love the comics and movie and want to show your love for the Watchmen! All that’s missing is My Chemical Romance’s “Desolation Row”.




This theme is the iHeart theme for the ladies out there. It’s girly and sweet, for the Curve 83xx 4.5 OS only. You can download the iHeart theme for FREE from the BlackBerry Sync Store. There are iPhone icons and a customizable bottom dock. There’s pink icons, pink menus, pink wallpapers, it’s totally pink, and very iPhone-like in style. You can make everyday Valentines with this theme.


And this theme is Neu. It is for the Bold 9000. This one is design by Lilhaloshaka and the theme by Ninja. This theme is slick, minimalistic, easy on the eyes. The icons on the homescreen are user defined. I like this theme and the way it feels fresh and crisp. You can download the Neu theme for FREE from the BlackBerry Sync Store.

These are just a few of the wonderful colorful 32 themes available, and I encourage you to check them out from the BlackBerry Sync Store and you’ll find even more. I would have posted them all, but there’s so many to choose from. Have you tried any of the NinjaThemes themes and what do you think of them? Please share with us, we’d like to know which ones are your favorite.

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