Canadian Carriers using Special RIM Devices for HSPA+ Network Testing

July 30, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

sim-cardI was reading an article by Ronen from BerryReview, when I received a similar tip in my inbox. Rogers Wireless recently announced they would begin upgrading their current 3G (HSPA) network to a faster 21mbps speed. Well apparently Rogers is using special RIM devices to test out the new faster network, which should launch starting August. I just received a tip from a ninja who says Telus is also using special RIM smartphones to test their upcoming HSPA network, that’s expected to roll out across Canada soon. We can only assume that Bell is also using RIM devices to test their HSPA network as well, due to their partnership for building the network with Telus. Neither ninjas are sure if or when RIM plans to make a consumer ready device that will run North American HSPA frequencies anytime soon, but we hope they do sooner than later. If anyone has pictures of these devices feel free to send them to us. ;)

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