BlackBerry Sport Challenge: On Your Mark, Get Ready, Get Set…

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MobileSyrup was quick to point out that the Win With BlackBerry website has a new promotion on the way. Entitled:  “The BlackBerry Sports Challenge”, now that’s my favorite kind of physical competition. As you can see from the picture, the only details given are the dates.

Regular Season: August 4th – August 24th

Final Round: August 25th – September 4th.

RIM has been very busy this year, and it’s been exciting! With the promotion of BlackBerry Loves U2 and the U2 Mobile Album, the new BlackBerry Blog, and the official BlackBerry community launched by RIM entitled: “MyBlackBerry“. It makes you wonder what’s in store next. I can’t wait for the new promotion, they’re really neat and have trivial questions and some neat prizes, though I’ve yet to win once….but you never know. For sports fans, the trivia should be easy. I’m going to have to ask ChaCha.

[via: MobileSyrup]

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