BlackBerry Owners: Want To See Your Favorite Shows On Your BlackBerry?

July 8, 2009 | By | 3 Comments


I know there are those of us who know that you can watch movies and videos on your BlackBerry. And there are the newbies just learning as fledglings, excited with every new thing you can learn about the phone. Yes, there’s more than just you tube! You can watch videos, your tv shows,  and movies on your phone.


There’s a great website for some of your favorite tv shows and a few specials on there too. The site is Videos4BlackBerry. Bla1ze is not only the mod over at CrackBerry, but this owner of Videos4BlackBerry too, and and he has done a fantastic job of satisfying our need for our shows. There are different shows that you can download, currently new is True Blood Season 1 for all you vampire lovers who love the show. There’s Weeds, the all new Rescue Me, the all new Deadliest Catch, Transformers: The Animated Movie, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Burn Notice, and Royal Pains. There’s even CSI,  CSI Miami, and The Office. There’s more of course, many popular shows, and you can download them and watch them on your BlackBerry. Time to get a larger microsd card, and let your BlackBerry be your “dvd” player too. Don’t miss your favorite episodes, keep them to watch again. There’s even Lost!

The way you save and watch your videos is to download and save it to your pc or notebook. I always save to my desktop where it’s easy to find. Next you will bring up your BlackBerry Desktop Manager and you can transfer the video to your phone through the media, where you will move the video file to your BlackBerry video file. It’s very easy, it’s exactly the same way as you’re moving mp3’s and movies.

There’s something for everyone, you can find your favorite shows and it’s even better than recording it on tv and going home to watch. You can take them with you. I’m glad someone thought of this great idea of having your tv shows available to you. Thanks Bla1ze!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get a larger microsd card and go check out Videos4BlackBerry, and download your favorite shows. No longer do you need to feel deprived!

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