Your BlackBerry May Save You Or Your Loved One Someday

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You never know what the future holds, or when the phone you hold may save your future. It seems that the very phones we find ourselves attached to can be our knight in shining armor as well. It’s stories like these two I’m going to share that will bring safety to our attention.

I don’t know if you recall the story in Columbus Ohio that happened on a  Wednesday, January 7th, 2009. While this story did not involve a BlackBerry, you’ll see where I’m going with it. Alan Heuss was sitting in his BMW that night when he was ordered to get out of his car at gunpoint. The thieves took off with his car, his cash, and his cell phone. He had to file the stolen car report and went to meet friends afterwards. Well one of his friends comes up with the brilliant idea of texting the phone as if he were texting Alan, pretending to have some “hot chicks” and drugs. So you would think only in a movie such as “Pineapple Express” would that scheme work right? Wrong, the thiefs actually texted back! The texting conversation continued, Alan’s friend continued with the scenario and in the morning the thieves were waiting for the “hot chick” with the drugs to arrive and were greeted by Columbus’ finest instead. You can read more about this story from WBNS 10TV News.

Here’s the BlackBerry related story. June 14, 2009 in Pennsylvania, the BlackBerry defined the importance as the thread in life or death. On that Sunday evening Mary Wilkerson went out to dinner with her neighbor Robert Scott, and his wife. Mary drove her car. When they returned, Robert and his wife walked home, just a few houses down. Her son called police the next morning as his mother had gone missing from her home sometime during the night. When investigators asked Robert Scott if he could remember anything about the night, anything suspicious, he remembered he left his BlackBerry in her car. They told him that was all they’d need. Police had to work fast to find her, and they were able to locate by the signal the BlackBerry gave out the location. Her car was parked in an alley and police found her in the trunk. A little bruised and dehydrated, she remembered some masked men having broke into her home and kidnapped her. She’s very lucky, and so was Robert, that both Mary and the BlackBerry were unharmed. I can’t help but think that while the outcome was amazing and how fantastic it is that the BlackBerry is such a device that it can save our lives in so many ways, but if Robert had ROblock by Vapssky or SmrtGuard , he could have had the phone call out and he and police could have listened in on  the phone’s surroundings. This is one of the features I really liked, that the security apps such as these enable you to use the phone as a “bug” or audio capture. Just imagine the possibilities, the potential your BlackBerry has with such a security program.

So I really thought these two stories give a lot to think about. One if by text, two if by GPS, our phones are more than just to call someone, they can actually be more than just a communication device, they are a way of giving more security. If either Alan or Robert had not had their phones with them, what might have happened? I shudder to think. So what is your opinion? While some of us suffer from COBD (Chronic Obsessive BlackBerry Disorder) or OCBD (Obsessive Compulsive BlackBerry Disorder), there is a flip side to the coin that can give us a positive aspect.

Have you ever encountered a situation like that? Did you read either of these stories before? What are your thoughts? Please share with us, we’d like to know.

[via: ABC News]

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