Verizon’s Storm 9530 OS 4.7.0148 Now Available Online!

June 3, 2009 | By | 6 Comments


In case you missed it Verizon launched an official OS update for the Storm 9530 last week. Previously you were only able to download the update via BlackBerry Desktop Manager, but as of today its available on Verizon’s download page. The latest OS to be released by Verizon is OS and so far we have heard some very positive reviews regarding this update. So if you feel like checking it out follow the link below and install it. Keep in mind any carrier’s 9530 can run this OS and you have to do is remove the vendor.xml file.

Visit Verizon’s BlackBerry downloads page >

How to remove the Vendor.xml file from carrier branded OS >

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  • Becky Pace

    I have a Blackberry Storm. At my office I have loaded the Desktop Manager and Verizon help me load it correctly. I would also like to download this to my home computer. Please help me do this. I am working from home today and my home number is 423.843.0057. I do wish you would call me on my home phone instead of my cell.

    I’m working from home today so it would really be great if you could call this morning.

    Thanks you ,
    Becky Pace
    423.413.0362 Cell

  • obbergton

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