Ringtones Tutorial: Where To Get And Use FREE Ringtones

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Part of the beauty of having a BlackBerry, or any smart phone, is that you don’t have to pay for ringtones any more. This is something everyone likes, and it’s true. You’ll never have to pay for ringtones again unless you choose to. So today I’m going to show you where to go, and how to download, install, and set them.

Ringtones can be expensive. I’ve seen parents actually buy a BlackBerry for a teen because of either text or ringtone download and the price. So let’s talk about some of the sites. There is Tune Us In, myxer (this one is actually my favorites and some are paid so sort through them), Fone Zoo , and mytinyphone . There are others out there, but for ringtones you will find a variety from midis to mp3 songs, and comedy voice ringtones too. And for the record, there are some movie websites too if you would like to have wav files from your fave movie. One such place is WavCentral but if you search online for movie wav files, you can find them. On mine, I have songs, and voice clips from movies by Keanu Reeves.

Okay, so now you’ve found a site, what’s next? First, you have to search the ones you want and download. Here’s the trick: to download is one thing, to save is what you want if you want to keep  it. And it’s very easy, that simple. Just make sure that the site is ligit, and if you should download a file that doesn’t work, feel free to delete it. So here’s how it will work. You search the site for ones you specify that you want. You will have three options when you click on the one you decide on: Open; Save; or Cancel. Open to listen, but you’ll have to click again to download and Save. You can find everything from Jeff Dunham’s Ahkmed to Rhianna.

So now you’ve got the ringtones you want, how do you set them? For each individual, you can go to your BlackBerry Address Book (or little Black Book as I tease customers with) and choose your contact> click the options button> choose edit> click options button again> choose Add Custom Ringtone> scroll down to the ringtone on the contact info and click on it and all your ringtones you have downloaded are there> click on your desired ringtone> click option button> click save. That’s it.

So now you want a different sound for each email, each text, etc. Fair enough, let’s head over to the horn, or sound icon. Click on the icon and scroll down, past off, and there’s Advanced. Click on that and choose your profile that has (Active) beside it. Do you see each of the choices? Click on one. The Out of Holster is simply when you have your phone out. In Holster is when it’s in the case. You can choose Tone (music or sound only), None, Vibrate, or Vibrate+Tone. Your preference there, but I never use vibrate for battery life reasons. Click on the Ring Tone and choose the ringtone, Number of Beeps is how many times to play when notifying, Repeat Notification (I always choose None), and Number of Vibrations. Go down the list, save, and continue through each choice. Now when you get an email, text, what have you, it’s going to play your choice. When I get an SMS text my phone does “Whoa” and when I receive an MMS text, my phone does “Excellent!” Just like Bill’s and Ted’s.

So have fun, go forth BlackBerry Nation and get some free ringtones and voicetones. Please share what your faves are, which sites you prefer, we’d love to read what each of us has found.

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  • krissy

    not all of us have a blackberry,
    what about people who have normal phones that aren’t the size of both my hands put together ?
    we want free ringtones too pal <.<

  • Audrey

    you are just a hater boooooo your cheap phone

  • SusanC


    The one great thing about having a smart phone is that you have access to free ringtones with a data plan. That’s so much easier. While some consumers don’t see the value in a smartphone plan, I see it with the unlimited data, the ability to do what you can and freedom. It’s a small price but it saves you in the long run. When you have a “normal” handset, you’ll incur costs elsewhere. I had a razor prior to the BlackBerry Pearl, and I loved my Pearl. It’s not a huge handset, it’s tiny and perfect. BlackBerry smartphones come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

  • rns

    click the download for “free” ringtones .. but what is not seen is that there is a monthly subcrip for $9.99 billed to your phone .. so much for having a smart phone .. would be the same for any phone

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