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ZonaSnap is a capturing app or utility for the BlackBerry device that can allow you to take screenshots. It gives you the options: Send to Photobucket; Send as Email; Save Capture; Help; About; and Close. The other great thing about it, it’s FREE. While I used Capture It, this is a great app as well, and works as a great compliment.

I was really interested in this app when we received the email from Felix of The app was developed by the staff, better known as Javiergv. The program comes in English or Spanish.  The details of this product are as follows:


  • Zonasnap added as an menu item.
  • Send snap of your screen without saving straight from the screen as email, to Photobucketor or simply save to SD card under your pictures folder.
  • Can be added as a convenience key.
  • Really small in file size about 88kb.
  • When used from the menu it gives you a preview of your screen shot.
  • OS 4.3+ required.
  • Files saved as jpg format.
  • After the capture issent to Photobucket, you will receive a notification in a window reporting that the image code has been received and it has been inserted into Memopad.
  • LED notification and a short vibration to let you know the snap has been taken.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Notes:
  • * Must enable all permissions requested by the application.
  • * Storm users should disable the compatibility mode.

I downloaded the app from the link given, and it installed quickly. I changed the key which usually opens Capture It, to use the ZonaSnap. It worked quick. When snapping the screenshot, it buzzes then displays a pic on top that has a blue icon on top that says ZONASnap and a red one with a Z and BlackBerry symbol that says ZDNABlackBerry. Clicking the options button, I get the following options: Send to Photobucket (if you have an account, or you can make one), Send as Email, Save Capture, Help (which has detailed instructions how to use the application to it’s full extent, all shots are stored as .jpg, About, and Close. If you choose Save Capture, then the app has a file under pictures in your media where you can find the pictures. From there you can send as you normally would.

I really like that the application is easy to read, use, and follow. For usability and readabilty, it’s a five star app. I also appreciate that it allows you to choose to save and send. I know there have been times I have accidently hit the side button and ended up having to delete a mistaken pic with Capture It. But with Capture It, it goes directly to your pictures. You have the option to send right away with ZonaSnap, which is nice. For being free, it allows you more choices and less limitations. I don’t have a Photobucket account, I use TwitPic for a pic storing online place as well as Flickr.

I can’t say that I found any faults, although it would be nice in the future to see the ability to send to messengers from the ZonaSnap. I use the ScreenShot capture apps for one, the review pictures, but also for tech support. If I have a customer/friend who cannot find something or needs guidance with their BlackBerry, I have found this to be the most valuable tool for that, and sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

Pros: The price is nice, at Free. The app allows you the choice of saving or sending from the time the screenshot capture is taken. It makes a folder to keep your screenshots in, so they’re easy to find. using it is so easy, clear concise intstructions are included in the Help option, it’s not a large file at all and doesn’t freeze. I am highly recommending this app if you can use it, you certainly will not be disappointed. It’s extremely convenient.

Cons: Not really a con, but more a wish that the app will eventually give the choice of sending to a messenger as well, or even as text. I didn’t deduct points for it, but like I said, more of a wish.


You can download a FREE copy of ZonaSnap v1.1.08 from the BlackBerrySync Store here >

Or if you’d like the Spanish version, you can download that here from the BlackBerrySync Store as well.

Compatible with BlackBerry OS: 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7

Compatible with BlackBerry devices: 81xx Pearl Series, 8220 (Pearl Flip), 83xx Curve Series, 87xx series, 88xx World series, 8900 (Curve), 9000 (Bold), Storm

[Rating: 5/5]

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