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Golla is a name that stands for natural and ecological, and being Finnish, they have a flair for style and attitude. They have a variety of cases for cameras, laptops, iPods, and cell phones. Their cases are material, and are popular because of the look and because they are “green”. What more could you ask for?

There are several Golla cases available in the BlackBerry Sync Store. The cases Golla presents are varying types from ones you can clip, some you can place through the belt, and styles of all kinds. They appeal to all ages, some sport fun tye dye looks, some plain, and some with flowers, there’s even emo-styled cases. But the one I chose to do this on is called the Tracks. I chose this case because of the look and special features which include by the description:

  • Soft materials
  • Fun and trendy patterns and colors
  • Large belt loop
  • Magnetic closure
  • The case is a foresty green look and has is worn by wearing it on your belt, threading it through the belt loop. The case is great for a few reasons, soft and padded so it protects the phone, and it’s an excellent way to take your money, phone, cards, and not have to lug around a purse or big case. It’s perfect for the student, for the motorcyclist, for the hiker, for anyone who can enjoy the minimum of what is necessary to take.



    I tried this case out on my Curve 8330. The case came in, and it’s the appealing forest green with the Golla name and the word “mobile lifestyle” on it. Turning it around, the belt loop in the back is a good size to fit most belts. The outside is composed of 100% cotton. Opening it, I can feel the magnets on the sides of the top of the case, which are strong enough to keep it closed. There are two compartments. The main compartment for the phone is a lining which is a lighter green and is composed of polyester/nylon. The phone fits in there snug, and the other compartment has a zipper opening. This is for your money, cards, Driver’s License, Credit/Debit card, those sort of things you take on the go.

    I showed this case to a few people, men and women to see what they thought of it. I had great feedback from both men and women. The only request I had received was why this particular case didn’t come in camo. I have no idea, but it received a lot of attention for the portability and the minimum space. It’s smaller than a fanny pack, less noticeable, and it’s cotton.

    For environmentally friendly and being environmentally correct, the case receives 5/5 stars. For the color and appeal, again it’s basic 5/5 stars. For the closing by magnets, I found this to be a really great feature, and the zipper protects your cards and money and keeps them in tact. For that 5/5. The fact that it only attaches by the belt is a slight drawback. For those of us who don’t wear belts, it’s a demerit. For the majority of us that do, it’s actually better because it’s a safety feature. It’s attached to you by your belt, so rating that part is hard. But for safety reasons, I had to give it a 5/5.

    Pros: The case is cotton, it’s light, durable, soft, and padded. It attaches by the belt so it holds steadfast, making it a safety and security feature because it’s attached that way. The magnets hold it closed and there’s room for everything, the zippered compartment makes your cards and money double secured. It’s a dark green, so it doesn’t stand out, and it appeals to both male and female.  There’s no girly colors or designs.

    Cons: It’s not waterproof, you’d have to keep it in your purse if you’re not wearing a belt since the only way to attach it is by the belt. The only color is dark green.

    If any one purchases a Golla, they’re buying a very dependable product that is reflecting attitude and lifestyle, but also reinforces freedom of mobility by keeping things light. They’re not heavy and bulky, they allow you to carry more than your phone, and they are reflecting your choice of being environmentally friendly and correct. You don’t have to sacrifice to enjoy life. Have you ever purchased a Golla or thought about it? How do you like your case if you have one? My girls have theirs, and they love them. I like the portability with the bare minimal essentials.

    You can grab your Golla Tracks Pouch for $19.95 from the BlackBerry Sync Store Here >

    Compatible with BlackBerry: 81xx Pearl Series, 8220 (Pearl Flip), 83xx Curve Series, 8900 (Curve),  Storm

    [Rating: 5/5]

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