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Today I am introducing an app entitled Dr. Tie by MMMOOO. It has just been made available to BlackBerry smart phones. According to MMMOOO this goal of this app is to teach an individual how to tie a tie and include information about ties. I don’t know about you, but I can’t tie a tie for anything, so if it’s not premade, my daughter is tying it for me.

According to the description this is what it’s about:
  1. Integrate animation of how to tie a tie in 8 different knots
  2. Also check out the knot manner frame by frame
  3. Tie knowledge lets you know not only how to tie a tie, but how to choose, clean and match
  4. Customized design for actual use, mirror built in to check your own work
  5. Must-have news information via built-in RSS feed

Dr. Tie is currently $4.99. To install this app, it’s a download to the pc with a file that must be extracted with a .cod and .alx. After loading it to the phone via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you will see an icon of a tie. Clicking on DrTie opens a page with three men and the word Dr. Tie at the top. You have two choices: Option and Quit. The Option Button opens Options and the Back Button is the Quit. When you click the Option Button you have Tie Style, Tie Knowledge, Tools, and About Us. In Tie Style, you have a Bow Tie, Double-Cross Knot, Doubbe-Windsor Knot, Four-In-Hand Knot, Half-Windsor Knot, Oriental Knot, the Prince-ALBERT, and the Trend Knot. Wow, I didn’t know there were so many different versions of ties. Clicking on the tie of your choice using the trackball, and it starts with the tie undone and as you slowly move the trackball, it takes you step by step through the tie, as you go through start to finish. In Tie Knowledge, you are about to read: How to Choose a Tie; How to Clean a Tie; How to Match a Tie and Suit; and the History of the Necktie. In Tools you have: Help; Online Help; Mirror; and Torch. Help helps you find what you’re looking for, Online Help takes you to the Online site, Mirror blackens the screen so you can see what the tie looks like, and Torch is fully lit screen. About us is information about MMMOOO.

So overall, I like the app, I think it’s informational. I’m terrible when it comes to ties. My mother never taught me how to tie one., but somehow my girls learned young. I buy shirts that have ties premade but a few that have them ready to tie, and just tying a bow out of them is how I get by. This is interesting, and I like the fact information is accessible. If I want to look up the history or how to do a specific knot, it’s there. Also, Customer Service with MMMOOO has always been great.

Does the app live up to it’s description? Yes. Is there a need for the app out there? I believe so, I don’t think it’s an app everyone would want, but like I said, for me it’s great because I don’t know how to even tie a basic tie. For the business man, for the wife of a business man, or even a woman who wears business attire, this is a nice app. Even for the college or high school student learning to dress for success, this app might be the right asset. Ties are even spreading to the younger generation influenced by music bands who are wearing them more as well. Is it an app they’d use in the future, if they’re anything like me, yes. I have more things to think about and memorize. I might remember one or two, but I’m not going to remember more than that. It would definitely be a great reference for someone who needs to know.

I love this reference for the price. I think a lot of people will find it useful. Instructions are clearly detailed, pictures are drawn with precision. You can even do them in front of a mirror with the guidance of the app.

Pros: The app is easy to navigate, all the information is right there at your fingertips. I love the way it’s step by step for making each tie. I also like the history should one want to know. But also how to pick a tie and take care of it. In rating it, I’m looking to see how closely the app follows the description which it does and then some, how useful it is, and the price as well.

Cons: I ran this app past my seventeen year old daughter who went crazy over it. She’s part of the younger generation who follow the lead of bands (such as My Chemical Romance, Green Day, and Alkaline Trio to name a few who have inspired the use of ties for the younger generation) and she loved it. I can’t find a con for it.

Grab a copy of Dr. Tie for $4.99 from the MMMOOO store >

Compatible with BlackBerry handsets: 81xx series, 82xx series, 83xx series, 88xx series, 8900, 90xx series, and 9500.

Compatible with OS: 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7

[rating: 5/5]

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