Obama’s BlackBerry: The Joke That’s Not To Be Taken Seriously

June 7, 2009 | By | 12 Comments


It started out as a spoof story June 3, 2009 on the Fox News website for advertising a book that will come out entitled, “Obama’s BlackBerry” by Kasper Hauser and published by Little Brown on June 8, 2009. But apparently the Iranian state-run press didn’t finish reading the article and reported that President Obama’s BlackBerry had been hacked by the terrorist group, Kasper Hauser.

The Huffington Post posted the story from Fox to the Iranian news site. The article on Fox News website is entitled: “Exclusive: Barack Obama’s Sensitive BlackBerry Messages To Be Released*”. The story goes on about a cyber terrorist Kasper Hauser had hacked the messages and releasing them in a book, and how the future of western civilization could be jeopardized unless it’s all a joke. Then after a few paragraphs it states that Kasper Hauser is actually a comedy group and if you follow the asterick to the end of the story it states “*All references to national secrets being released are not real, and supposed to be funny.” 


Forget reading between the lines, whatever happened to reading the whole story? Now whether the story wasn’t understood or not read through, they reported it June 4th as ” ‘Terrorists’ successfully hack Obama’s BlackBerry“. They end the article with stating : “It has been said that cracking such personal information would not be seen as a “breach of National Security” “. I wonder if they’ll pick up a copy and publish excerpts from the book as well.

The book seems to be funny, with a few supposed conversation pieces from the Commander in Chief to Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger – even Nuclear Command Control itself. There’s even some conversation from Bill Clinton. And it’s all a joke, almost makes you think about when the War Of The Worlds came out on the radio back in the day, and some people actually believed it to be true and live! Reading some of the quips I find it hard that they would even believe such a story, but Fox News should be credited with being that convincing! I guess some people can’t take a joke, but it’s too bad they didn’t post a message from Ahkmed the Dead Terrorist in the story. That might have even made the story even funnier.

What do you think of the story? Anything to share?

[via: Huffington Post]

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  • SusanC

    E-Roc, Think you had the wrong article. This was just about a false story for advertising taken seriously, nothing about spelling. We’re happy your showing your literate skills.

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