New Simple Call Back Reminder App, LaterDude

June 25, 2009 | By | 1 Comment


FabianMH has brought a new app to the BlackBerry apps available, LaterDude. He designed it to be very simple, very friendly, and does exactly as it says…reminds you to call that friend, coworker, any one you need to contact later.nI know many of us take a call or say, “Can I call you later?” only to forget.

This app allows you to fully control who you call back from the call log or the messages app. You choose an entry, the Menu key, and from there it’s “Remind Me Later”. It will then bring a pop up asking you when you would like to be notified. It’ll make a calendar entry for you. Double check by going into  the Calendar and options.

I think this app is nice for two reasons. One, it’s FREE, and two, there are so many of us who say I’ll call back later, and just forget. So it’s a great reminder for the person who’s on the go or very forgetful. Fabian makes some really great apps and if you’d like to keep up on the latest apps, follow him on Twitter. His Twitter name is @FabianMH and his website is MobileUtil. If you’re interested in the app LaterDude, I would encourage you to try it. Fabian has several apps he’s created and they’re all very creative and work great. You’ll be familiar with several of them.

You can download a free copy of LaterDude here at MobileUtil >

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