Launch Your Way On Your BlackBerry

June 11, 2009 | By | 2 Comments


There are apps and there are launchers. Both are available for your BlackBerry. Many users prefer launchers to apps because they are lighter and are just a quick link to the site. Apps are a bit more space because you run them on your phone. For those who like launchers, there’s BlackBerry Launchers.

A launcher is basically a short cut or link to a website, saving you from going into the browser and manually going to it.┬áThe BlackBerry Launcher┬ásite has the following statement: “Blackberry Launchers is a site dedicated to creating and maintaining the largest collection of Blackberry Launchers on the web”. This service lists launchers available for your BlackBerry, and what a list indeed! From 401K-Fidelity, Amazon, and all the way to Zedge. I like having launchers, although I didn’t see the BlackBerry Sync launcher on there, but luckily we have it available for you. If you can’t find the launcher you’re searching for on the launcher site, you can request one here.

What sort of launchers would you be interested in? What sites do you frequent the most? Share your insights, we’d like to know!

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