How To Install A Theme on your BlackBerry

June 5, 2009 | By | 5 Comments


You finally find a theme you like, one you have to have, and you’re ready to install it. I remember when I found the Matrix, I was so thrilled! There are different types of themes out there.  I’m going to go through the ways of installing two types of themes: OTA and as a zip through the BlackBerry Desktop Manager via the PC.  The very first and easiest type of file is one that is called OTA or Over The Air. You can follow a link by text or go to a website that offers themes, or even by email and download the theme. For good measure after it’s downloaded and installed, I do a battery pull and then I go to Options>Theme and from there I scroll to my new theme and I tap the trackball. Start to back up, and it will take some time as the theme starts.




The next type of file you can install is a zip that you download to be loaded and installed through the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. This is a file you saved on your pc. Unzip the file or allow windows to open and extract the files for you. So you have the file you want to install, so now you plug your BlackBerry in by the usb cable and you bring up your BlackBerry Desktop Manager. You will choose the Application Loader. When this comes up you are going to choose Add/Remove Applications. It’s going to read your phone and check your device,  then it’s going to search for software. You can check your file if it appears in the list, if not you are going to choose Browse and find your file. It will be the name of the file.alx. Once you find it, choose it and hit Next and install. Again, after installing and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is finished, disconnect through the Safely Remove Hardware and unplug your phone. Again, I do a battery pull just to help the phone set. Finding the theme will be the same process.

What themes have you installed and love? What themes have you found used a lot of memory? What sort of themes would you like to see more of?

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