Don’t You Wish Your BlackBerry Were Secure Like President Obama’s?

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Thanks to Kelly Sonora, who alerted us to a really informative post that the e-Justice Blog posted, entitled: 50 Ways to Make Your BlackBerry More Like Obama’s. We know President Barack Obama is the poster addict for BlackBerry Addicts/Advocates alike. And he had to wait for his BlackBerry, which is now extra secure and top secret. I’m going to highlight the article that tells you how to emulate his phone.

There are two pieces of hardware advised. The 8830 World BlackBerry which has no camera, a long lasting battery, and all the great features BlackBerry has such as GPS and email. The other piece of hardware you need is NSA customization. While the average person may not be able to get that for their phone, remember that SMobile Systems carries an assortment of software designed for security and is also used by the government as well consumer versions.

Next mentioned are apps and features, some of which are in the BlackBerry Sync Store, so I’ll list those ones with prices:  MSDict Concise Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus for $34.99 because President Obama’s vocabulary is assisted with the Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus on his BlackBerry, Travel Mate for BlackBerry which is $25.99 to organize your vacation as secure and exact as Obama,  Pocket Express which is Free so you can check weather and stocks any other things like him, BlackBerry Data Base Viewer Plus which is $34.95 to view and update databases from your BlackBerry, eSpell for $19.95 to be sure you check your spelling on emails, texts and documents as he does before sending or saving, Agendus for BlackBerry for $19.95 safely store your data and sync it to calendars.

For Security the post states that Obama will not be able to IM, he has restricted email usage, his BlackBerry is password protected. It also mentioned clearing the memory, disabling the GPS, keep a phone with no camera or video, don’t send pins as they are not encrypted as they would be through the BES, and regarding communication don’t enable bluetooth. Also use common sense when reading or sending emails in public, secure private information.

There is fifty ways including the tips and the way it’s broken down. For additional advice, I would still recommend SmrtGuard or RoBlock, or even a product from SMobile such as the SMobile Security Shield Professional Edition or the SMobile Anti-Theft and Identity Protection. If you’re paranoid about text, there’s always the great app SMS Eraser which is  $29.95 (Don’t just send an SMS or MMS, make sure it will self destruct too). I would also advise a Privacy Screen Protector which is $19.95 to help protect your information that you’re viewing.

If you would like to read more, you can go to the 50 Ways to Make Your BlackBerry More Like Obama’s and see what you think. Do you have any other programs or apps to suggest? Any one else want a super secure BlackBerry? What’s the most important reason for your BlackBerry? Please share your comments, we’d like  to know just how much security we want, or how far we’ll go.

[via: e-Justice Blog]

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  • Susan C

    Personally I’m not paranoid, but I just elaborated on a post that is out…my BlackBerry is my personal phone and I don’t have anything on it that would be an issue if compromised.

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