BlackBerry Premium Earbud Headset Now Available for $19.95!

June 19, 2009 | By | 3 Comments


Not one for Bluetooth headsets? Well we have just introduced RIM’s new Premium BlackBerry Earbud for any BlackBerry with a 3.5mm headset jack in our store. This is not the stereo headset for music, it’s the mono headset for talking while on the go.

Free yourself up to write emails or take notes during phone calls with a BlackBerry Mono Headset. The headset is an indispensable tool for multi-tasking. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and comes complete with a miniature clip to keep the cord out of the way.

The headset provides exceptional sound quality that cuts through background noise, so you’ll hear and be heard, even when you’re outdoors, in your office, or at the airport. Please note that for listening to music or watching videos a BlackBerry Stereo Headset is recommended.

Compatible Models: 8110 (Pearl), 8120 (Pearl), 8130 (Pearl), 8220 (Pearl Flip), 8300 (Curve), 8310 (Curve), 8320 (Curve), 8330 (Curve), 8900 (Curve), 9000 (Bold), Curve, Pearl, Storm+

Purchase the BlackBerry Premium Mono Earbud for $19.95 @ BlackBerry Sync Store >

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  • Kevin Luxon

    Great Headset, hard to get. We need more to sell at where the customer reviews are great….

  • obbergton

    Well, I did get it to work. I took a guess that it might be the permissions of the files in the archive which I noticed were not executable. So after I extracted the .rar file I did the following command in the terminal (on Mac OS X):

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