WES2009 Moments And Highlights From Tuesday On Twitter

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WES2009 has now been going on for two days. I’ve been watching my Twitter, reading it and enjoying the pictures and updates. While it was somewhat quiet today, there were a few tweets from our fellow Tweets. So here’s what you have missed this Tuesday if you’re not following Al Sacco, Bla1ze, CrackBerry Adam, CrackBerry Kevin, Nan Palmero, and/or Simon Sage. Thanks to these fantastic BlackBerry advocates, we are able to have a glimpse of what we’re missing. So here’s what happened Tuesday.

Keynotes today, and Mike Lazaridis spoke about the BlackBerry birthday, success, and growth. There was a little bit spoken about Chalk Media and Mobile Voice System. Wireless Presentation Solution for Projecting Power Point was mentioned. LotusLive was mentioned as well. Today was mostly pertaining to BES, but there were some fun moments and the entertainment for the evening was a dj and Will.i.am.

And if you Twitter and would like to stay in the loop with WES 2009, please follow @asacco @azeis @crackberrykevin @nanpalmero @simonsage @videos4bb @kasperapd for great coverage and up to the minute Twitter news and TwitPics.

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