WES2009 Moments and Highlights From Monday On Twitter

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Many of us weren’t able to attend WES2009, but there those who are there who are generous enough to go and share the adventure and information with us as they explore the event. These great BlackBerry Gurus have brought the WES2009 to us through video and Twitter. In case you have missed Monday, I’m going to share some great moments, thanks to Al Sacco, Bla1ze, Crackberry Adam, Crackberry Kevin, Nan Palmero, and Simon Sage. Thank you guys for sharing the information and fun moments with us, we salute you!

Some brief moments shared so far as shared on Twitter. Now besides the news coming through Monday, they had mahi mahi, an open bar. Now for news. There are over 200,000 BlackBerry Servers around the globe. There are over 10 million Facebook downloads to BlackBerry smartphones. BES 5.0 was released today. BlackBerry and HP have joined together to bring HP Cloudprint to let you print to the closest printer, does not require BES, supports printers outside of HP, and is a free app. BlackBerry MVS (Mobile Voice System)is like Google Voice. The 8900 was announced and will be offered by AT&T. The newest BlackBerry, the Gemini was announced. For specific press releases you can click here.

And if you Twitter and would like to stay in the loop with WES 2009, please follow @asacco @azeis @crackberrykevin @nanpalmero @simonsage @videos4bb @kasperapd for great coverage and up to the minute Twitter news and TwitPics.

[via: CrackBerry & Twitter]

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