The Basic Set Up Of Your BlackBerry

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There is always your first BlackBerry, whether it be a work phone you receive, your very first purchased BlackBerry you purchase from an authorized agent, or even an online purchase. The difference in loving your BlackBerry and despising your BlackBerry all fall within the proper set up of your BlackBerry and learning from the start some of it’s capabilities. There’s so much more to a BlackBerry than just a phone with email, internet, and text. It’s a communication portal to the world. So I’m going to list the basic set up of the BlackBerry as it should be.

The first thing you’re going to do is make sure the esn activated on your account if you purchased it from online. Next you will turn your phone on and go through the programming steps. If you received it from work or purchased it from an agent, chances are that the phone is activated and programmed. The next step you will do is the Set Up Wizard. Run this icon and follow the steps. Removing other languages other than your main language is advised to save space on the phone.

The next step is to go to your messages icon. Click on the icon, and press the option or “BlackBerry” button. This is the button with the BlackBerry symbol on it. The menu will appear, scroll down to options and click the trackball. You will see General Options, click on it. Scroll down to where it has the line SMS and Email Inboxes. Click on where it says Theme Controlled and click the trackball. Choose Separate. This will separate your texts and emails. Click the option button and save. Back out and back out once more.

Next we will be going to the Options icon or the wrench. Now if any time during this set up the internet loads and asks you about email, by all means start setting up Follow the prompts in setting up your email and adding any emails you have, adding them to your phone. If it hasn’t done so yet, proceed to the Options icon. Click the Options icon, scroll to Advanced Options and tap again. From here you will have GPS as a choice, click on that. You will see Device GPS and GPS Services. On GPS Services, you can see it’s off by default. Click on the off or 911 only and change to Location on. Click the options button and save. This will enable GPS for your handset. Certain carriers do have limitations set on GPS so it may only work for certain applications. Back out, and go to the next item down, the Host Routing Table. If your internet has not loaded yet, you can click on this option, tap the options button and choose Register Now. Back out of the application, and be ready to set up your email.  Now if you are going to install a microsd card, it can be inserted on the side of the Pearl or beneath the battery of the World and Curve. Be sure the Pearl is off when inserting the card. When you turn the phone back on, go to the Options icon and click, scroll down to Media Card and click. Click the options button and choose Format Card. This will ensure the card will work with your BlackBerry. If you want to set up a key guard lock, you can go to the option Screen/Keyboard in options and click. Here you can change font, the size, the style. and light features, and the Right Side or Left Side Convenience Key can be set to keyboard lock. If you scroll down from the Media Card in the Options, you will see Theme. Clicking on it will show what themes are currently available on your phone. You can scroll and click on the theme desired. Begin to back out. It’s not freezing, it is installing your theme of choice.

Make sure you set the BlackBerry Messenger up by clicking on that icon and making sure your name shows and from here you can add any BlackBerry friends or coworkers. One important page for your browser is the BlackBerry Mobile website, from this site you can see what is available from your phone and download various apps and shortcuts for your BlackBerry, along with being able to ask a question and receive an answer that’s BlackBerry related. It’s a page that if your carrier does not have in your bookmarks, you should add. This can be downloaded here BlackBerry Mobile.

Sound and alerts are another thing that tend to  be important. Go to the sound icon which is called Profiles and looks like the sound horn icon you have on a pc. You can click on it and choose a Profile, as in Loud, Quiet, and Normal. I don’t advise Vibrate as it tends to use more battery life. If you want to set different tones for different apps, click the Profiles icon again, and scroll down past Off and you will see Advanced. Click on the Advanced option. Click on the Profile you have active. From each of these you can click on each one, click the sound for Out Of Holster and choose what type of sound from vibe to tone, next the Ring Tone, the Volume, Number of Beeps, Repeat Notification if you want it by Led Flashing or None, and Number of Vibrations. You have the In Holster options beneath that, and these are the sounds while the phone is in a case or holster. Click the option button, save, and back out. Choose your sounds for your apps and back out when you’re done.

This is just a basic set up, now you can get familiarize yourself with your phone, get comfortable, and will be able to start downloading ringtones, themes, and apps. This set up will ensure a more comfortable experience from the start with your BlackBerry and allow you to personalize it.

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