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Today was a very exciting day, with the official release of a new Twitter client named TweetGenius. I know there’s Tiny Twitter, TwitterBerry, SocialScope, SocialScope Lite, and ÜberTwitter, so what makes TweetGenius so unique? It’s not like SocialScope or ÜberTwitter, it doesn’t integrate Facebook or Google, or any other program with Twitter. It’s not like TwitterBerry or any other applications. This is everything you ever wanted in a Twitter application and more. The description said it was made for BlackBerry users by BlackBerry users who know what they want. I’ve been hearing so much about it on Twitter, and very excited that it’s finally out. As you can see by the following video, it’s pretty impressive in what it can do.


The Application is the vision and design of Boy Genius from the Boy Genius Report. The code for the program was done by Dossy Shiobara, a master coder. The current version is 1.0 with 1.1 in the works. The program is $9.99 but for now the only versions supported are the Curve 8900 and the Bold, so they are offering the application for $4.99 for two weeks as the Storm, 88xx, and 83xx versions will be out by that time. The price includes free upgrades till v2.0 and is tied to the pin, but don’t worry, this will include if you have to get a warranty or insurance replacement as long as it’s one application on one phone at any given time.

So now with the review. I installed the application and the first thing you see is the classic blue Twitter bird icon. Click on the icon and it brings up TweetGenius by BGR. The colors are appeasing to the eye in white and different shades of blue. It’s a cartoon city in the back (Must be T Town), and there are three icons on the front: Friends (with a person and shadow icon), Replies (with the @ sign), and Direct Messages (with an open envelope that has a letter coming out). On each of these icons you will see a bubble in the right corner with the number of unread messages. Clicking on either one of these icons will move the screen up and the next screen rolls up from the bottom. Click on any of the messages, and the the full message rolls in from left to right. Click on the name of the friend and the friend’s profile rolls down from the top. Pretty sweet how it rolls and is like an intricate cube you roll to read. If you click the option button you have Refresh, Mark all read, Send tweet, Friends Timeline, Replies, Direct Messages, Public Timeline, Go to user, Search, Options, and Help.

When going into your Friends and other messages, your friends pictures show on the left, and your’s on the right. When you click on a tweet and click options and choose to tweet, retweet, or reply, a quotation balloon shows up, and the background darkens. Fill out what you want to say and hit the options button. Now the choices are: Select; Check Spelling; Send; Insert my location; Clear Field; Show Symbols; and Close. Choose send and “Poof!” your message disappears in a cloud of smoke! It’s like message be gone!

The program is nice in that you can follow through it. When you are on someone’s profile your options are: Select; Refresh; Reply; Direct Message; View timeline; Go to user; Follow this user; Track this user; and Close.

So in rating this application, the colors and how appeasing to the eye it is makes this a five and a half stars out of five. For user friendliness, it’s definitely five stars. For the way the program rolls and works, amazing, and for that I would give it ten stars! It looks and works like an application for Twitter you could only hope for, it’s very much like what you see on your desktop only much more impressive. It’s amazing enough to earn an icon on your BlackBerry because it’s just as awesome as our BlackBerry phones we have come to love. So great job Boy Genius! And hats off to Dossy Shiobara as well. And most importantly, there hasn’t been one error message yet, which really impresses me. It’s great on my battery and I haven’t missed a tweet yet. When I’ve had to restart my phone, I haven’t had to log in to get my messages.

[rating: 5/5]

To learn more about TweetGenius, to take advantage of the special going for $4.99, and to download this great application  that will bring Twitter to you in a new way, the way it should be presented, click here.

Currently the program is only compatible with the Bold and the Curve 8900, will be compatible with the Storm, 88xx, and 83xx series.

Check out TwitterGenius >

[via: TweetGenius & Boy Genius Report]

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