RIM CEO says SurePress is here to stay, No comment on Storm 2.

May 27, 2009 | By | 10 Comments


Interesting news developed today during an interview at D7, when RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis was asked about the “rumors” on the internet that the next gen Storm will not click, he said “We don’t comment on rumors. But SurePress is here to stay”. This is interesting news considering the recently leaked photos of the Storm 2 show a non-clicking display. Could this mean that RIM will introduce several new Storm models this year? Possibly one with SurePress (clicking) and one with TruePress (non-clicking)? I guess we will have to sit back and see…

What do you think? Will RIM introduce a SurePress and TruePress model?


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  • Pedro

    This is actually a relief to me as I had gotten used to surepress and was sad to see it go. I do think however that they can make it more sensitive and less “clicky”, for lack of a better word.
    In short … Yay!

  • DavidB

    My Storm complaints aren’t with the technology, they are with the silly piddling amount of RAM and how slow an official OS release has been to come out.
    I prefer this touch screen over other smartphone touch screens I have tried to use, by far.

  • v

    I think surepress has a lot of mileage and still a good concept. It just wasn’t implemented well on the Storm and also took the flak for many of the device’s OS shortcomings like slow response, etc. I can visualise it working well if less ‘clicky’ as another reader said and more responsive OS with intelligent word suggestions (which it still lacks 6 months in). The problem is second rate Blackberry developers – not the concept. If Apple did it they’d have made it work rather than issue excuses like the BB CEO.

  • Daniel

    I absolutely love SurePress now that I’m used to it. I agree with DavidB, I prefer a SurePress touchscreen over any other touchscreen.

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