Review: Anagram for BlackBerry, Creating Contact Entries And Scheduled Dates For Free

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Anagram by Textual is a software program that allows you to use the clipboard to capture information such as contact information, sales leads, meetings and appointments, and it works with BlackBerry email. Not only does it work with BlackBerry email, it gives you the opportunity to capture new contacts and appointments from any type of text on your BlackBerry including email signatures, directories, and even web searches themselves.

For my review, I installed the application on my Curve 8330, os 4.5. One thing I like about the application is that it has extremely simple user interface, instructions are very easy to find and explained. When you find the the text you want to save, you choose “Select” and highlight the text, choose “Copy” and then choose “Capture With Anagram”. Not only does it start processing and creates a card, it also allows you to edit it adding information or changing it as you’d like. You can also change your preferences as to which words are capitalized and more.

I used the program and followed the instructions, I really like the versatility and that you can correct the card. Perhaps even adding a contact picture if you have one. It’s easy and useful, I can see several reasons this program would be valuable. I had no issues with the software, I had the contact information come up easily, and received no error messages.

When you go to download the application, on the site there is information about the various application add ons, and there states in the Home and Try tabs that it’s free for 45 days. This is referring to the PC version, as the BlackBerry application is completely free. For personal use of the Outlook Extension, it is $34.95. Nicholas from Textual also let me know that there are a few issues that have been noted for Anagram for BlackBerry that Textual has been keeping track of and have solutions for. One is that the line breaks seem to be lost. Certain BlackBerry smart phones have this problem with the way they handle certain HTML formats. This occurs becuase the BlackBerry OS delivers the data worong to Anagram. You can work around it by choosing “Get Plain Text” before you capture it. They are working on a permanent solution and that will be included in the new release that will be released this week. The other issue is that some users are seeing an IndexOutOfBounds exception when updating a contact. Again, this is certain modelsof BlackBerry smartphones under certain conditions. This will also be included in the newer version. For more information on the issues, workarounds, and fixes you can read more them here at the Anagram press and issues blog>

To download the application you can go to the Anagram site>and from there you will leave your email and they will email you the download link.

Pros: The program is easy to use and easy to navigate. Everything is clear and concise and there’s no confusion. It works great when retrieving information and creating the contact. It has no error messages and has many potential uses. The fact you’re allowed to edit the contact is very nice too.

Cons: Only that it is Select, Copy, Capture. It’s done in three steps, but makes it easier to edit. That was the only con I could find. And perhaps if you are one of the ones who own the BlackBerry models having issues, but do note that help is on the way.

For appearance and navigating the program, I give the program five stars out of five. It’s clear and concise. For user friendliness, I give the program 4.75 out of five stars. This is only because of the copy and select and capture.  This is only for the extra steps to be taken. For use and effectiveness, five stars.

[rating: 5/5]

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  • DavidB

    I like and have always wondered why BBOS didn’t natively have this sort of capability.
    I have used on my 8830 and my 9530 and its pretty simple and straightforward. I just wish selecting text on 9530 wasn’t such a pain but nothing Anagram van do about that!
    I do wish the middle Copy step could be eliminated but I guess that is an OS limitation?

  • Nicholas Maddix

    DavidB, I think we saw you over on! :) Yes we wish the copy step could be eliminated, too. Have been back and forth with RIM about that and there’s no work-around. Appreciate your feedback!

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  • Nicholas Maddix

    A new release has been created that fixes some issues people were seeing. More details on our