OS Alert: BlackBerry Bold & Curve 8900 get OS leaked!

May 8, 2009 | By | 4 Comments

Previously we saw OS leaked for both the BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900, now the newer .93 has been leaked. Unfortunately no other models have been lucky enough to get the OS 5.0 treatment yet. Please keep in mind this is a beta of a OS version which has not been released by RIM yet. If you want instructions on how to install this OS click here. Please be sure to make an extra backup before installing.

Download OS for BlackBerry Bold >

Download OS for BlackBerry Curve 8900 >

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  • payman

    this version gives me fatal error.

  • Ronny

    still doesn’t support for facebook, yahoo messenger, msn messenger. better wait until it’s not beta

  • http://www.nigelwalsh.com/blog ndwalsh

    ditto – fatal error…

  • Steve

    I just put on an east Asian version of the 5.0. I initially had all kinds of problems, but since I backed it up befor hand I was able to go back in over the top of the 5.0 and returned most of what I had. The few things that I am missing are things that do not work with 5.0 yet. Facebook App World, Msn Messenger. These are things that I can go either way on but the software has a lot of cool perks. Viewing photos allows you to scoll l to r like an iphone. That may not mean much to some but not having it before I kind of like it. THe camera and video have a new feature but I have not figured out how to access it. There are new icons on during the usage that tells me this. All in all I have been able to find help from diff people from different sites so I think I am going to like it after all. Just my 2 cents.