Mini Review: OtterBox Impact Cases for BlackBerry Bold and Curve

May 27, 2009 | By | 3 Comments


Editors Note: First off I’m just going to say sorry for the delay in the getting these reviews up, unfortunately they will be a little shorter than normal. We’ve been busy working on some new features for the site. Stay tuned!

I have always been one to swear by OtterBox’s Defender Cases for BlackBerry smartphones. No matter what you use your device for they always seem to come in handy. This time around I’m checking out OtterBox’s new Impact Cases, which are more of a skin like material. Last year OtterBox introduced the “Impact Series” for the Bold and iPhone and just recently for the Curve 8300 series. I decided to grab one for the Bold and Curve to check out and see how they compare to RIM’s OEM skins. First thing you will notice when taking it out of the package is that the Impact Case is much thicker than RIM’s BlackBerry Skins. You defiantly feel like you get more protection from the OtterBox Impact Case. I have written this mini review separated by paragraphs about each model to make it a little easier to follow.


rbb1-08300-20-c5otr7BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series Impact Case

OtterBox offers several different cases for the BlackBerry smartphones, however some people may not like the bulk of their more rugged Defender Series. The Impact Skin may be the way to go! It features a ergonomic design, which feels great in your hands. The case should protect from your average bumps and shocks cause from day to day use. This case keeps your device slim yet still accessible. It works great in your pocket or in most side BlackBerry cases. (See details at

1938-2052BlackBerry Bold 9000 Impact Case

When the Bold Impact Case was introduced I was too stuck on my Defender Case to give it a shot. I was always worried about harming my beautiful Bold, however now that I’m using the Impact Case I love how slim and fitted it is. With the Impact Case you have access to the data ports, speakers and microphone. My only compliant about the case for this model is it seems to fit a little loose around the sides. Although they most likely have to be like that in order to put it on the device. So now the Impact Case is what I use from day to day. (Details in the BBSync Store)


I’m impressed with the cases from OtterBox overall. They never seem to disappoint me. The real bonus is that they provide a skin protector and cleaning cloth right in the package! You really can’t got wrong for under $20 bucks. If either of these cases interest you check out the links below.

[rating: 5/5]

Purchase the OtterBox Impact Case for the BlackBerry Bold only $12.95 >

Purchase the OtterBox Impact Case for the BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series only $19.95 >


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