BlackBerry Storm 2 gets first hands-on! Drops Surepress (Click!) Technology…

May 21, 2009 | By | 6 Comments


The lucky peeps at Engadget got their hands on the unreleased BlackBerry Storm 2. In case you missed the leakage last week the Storm 2 is rumored to be launching soon, with a couple hot new features. The Storm 2 will come to Verizon sometime this year sporitng a new TruePress display which won’t click like the current Storm, but rather be more like the iPhone’s touch screen. Not only that but this hot new device should feature Wi-Fi. Unfourtantly Engadget wasn’t able to fully test the unit due to software restrictions, but I’m sure we will see more hands-on actual soon enough. Here is some of their pictures to see all the other ones head over to Engadget.

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  • chris

    why they drop the click I link it, i guess I will stick with my storm

  • Frank

    surepress click is great feature, storm 2 will just be another touch screen with a kick…disappointed, I stick with my storm as well

  • DaFD

    I’ll just get the Storm1 tomorrow. I can live without WiFI, and the click seems like a great idea.

  • fred

    I agree, a storm without the click screen is not a storm. Call it something else. I stick with my storm #1. Is just going to be another touch screen phone. How sad! it better be loaded with new features of it want to make an impact on anyone.

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