App Update: Vlingo v3.0 Brings More Power To Your Voice

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Vlingo was introduced less than a year ago, and millions of users are using it and are familiar with it. Vlingo Corporation, maker of Vlingo, has now launched version 3.0. Vlingo is a program that already gives meaning to the power of speech, but now it’s even more. It currently gives users the ability to send and reply to emails and text messages, searching on the mobile web using various search cues, dial a contact, look up contacts, and launch certain applications in the phone by using the voice of the user. The program utilizes the side buttons so the user can press a button and speak. But that was 2.0, and with 3.0, it just got better.

Now with v3.0 users can use the enhanced text-to-speech read-back features so that now you can have confirmation of what was said, the ability to speak action requests giving new enhancement to voice command such as send, and support for wired headsets and many Bluetooth headsets.

It’s now available for many BlackBerry BES users, making it available to more users. The BlackBerry Storm also features a special version, which is optimized for the touch screen interface.

With Vlingo v3.0, the user’s voice now has the ability to:

  1. Send and reply to text messages with other users who also have Vlingo
  2. Web search
  3. Dial the phone
  4. Send a “note to self”
  5. Facebook and Twitter status updates
  6. Tell A Friend
  7. Optional read-back of the full text or email message that was spoken.
  8. Speak action requests such as “send” or “search”
  9. Launch native and third party applications

But that’s not all, there’s a paid version called Vlingo Plus, that also includes the ability to send and reply to text messages and emails to anyone for a one-time charge of $17.99. And rest assured, for those existing users of Vlingo v2.0, you can still continue to use it at no additional charge.

Vlingo is currently available for the BlackBerry: Bold, Storm, Pearl, Curve, and 88xx series.

US, Canadian, and UK users are able to download Vlingo v3.0 rights from BlackBerry App World.

Check out Vlingo at >

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