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Quick note: It would seem that SocialScope is no longer accepting any new users for the Lite at this point, since the beta application is in alpha and therefore still in progress. In any case, fill out your information and request your invite and they will notify you as soon as they have an account available for you. I’d highly recommend it, it’s worth the wait.

For the past month or two, I have been part of the closed beta of SocialScope and was able to use the application and compare the client to others. It’s a social network application that integrates Facebook with Twitter. Recently SocialScope released SocialScope Lite. The icon is different and seems more appeasing to the eye as well as there are options the full version had, there does seem to be a more user friendly view to it.

You might wonder what makes this application so great? Well for one you can add both your Facebook and your Twitter accounts, and set the application to alert you with every status update, and/or when there are status updates on Facebook and replys and Direct Messages from Twitter. There are multiple tabs for each account and groups. You can also Forward as a ReTweet, email, or sms. You can set profile alerts for each type of tweet. You can view profiles, followers, friends, updates, and the options of following and unfollowing. You can see you own profile, and see all current tweets and status updates as they happen. You can also view pictures in the application as well, including those from TwitPic.

I can honestly say I haven’t had any error issues, the only thing is when I restart my BlackBerry, I’ve had to resign in to my account, but everything else is great. It lets me reply and retweet with ease. I liked it so much, it remains the only Twitter application on my BlackBerry. If you would like to sign up for the SocialScope Lite in beta, click here and request your invite.

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