Why Travelers Should Be Traveling The World By Storm!

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According to the Vodafone Blog, they gave forty nine reasons why the Storm should be the device of choice for world travelers. The main features praised were the GPS and the 3G/High Speed Download Packet Access. I thought I’d share this blog with you and even ask for your opinions. I have the Curve myself, but never thought about a BlackBerry StormĀ from a traveling point of view. So I am going to share the top ten with you and then allow you to finish reading the blog from the site itself if you want more.

Number One was Time-Saving, also noting the 3.2MP camera it sports. The camera takes great pics and has many features that a Storm owner has access to right in the palm of their hands.

Number Two was Great For Business, because of how great the storm is with email, corporate email, and synchronization. It’s the ultimate phone for business and normal use. They forgot the important thing, because it’s a BlackBerry.

Number Three was Making and Receiving calls in Over 220 Countries with the quad band GSM. That is the nice thing about the Storm, the GSM as well as CDMA.

Number Four, Email in Over 90 Countries. Being able to take the Storm and email in that many countries is a privilege indeed. This is important for your family and friends waiting to hear from you.

Number Five, Lost-take your BlackBerry Maps. One thing about the BlackBerry Maps, they do function by GPS Satellite, so they work in the states and outside because of the GPS feature.

Number Six, Find your Nearest since the Storm can find your location and direct you to the nearest facility you seek. That includes nearest hospital, restaurant, etc.

Number Seven, Navigate, with GPS you can navigate by car or by foot. I know everyone thinks of it in the car, but what about if you’re taking a walk or hiking? Yes, the Storm can be your savior as well.

Number Eight was Internet Browsing. With the Internet at your fingertips, and the fast data speeds it can find, you can cruise the streets and the internet. And keep in touch with friends and family as you go.

Number Nine was Take Photos since the camera is 3.2MP and has 2x zoom. It’s pretty much a camera on hand, so why carry a camera when you have the Storm, travel light and carry memories.

Number Ten was Text Messaging using either the Qwerty Keyboard or Sure Type. Depends on whether you type in landscape or portrait mode, but there’s a style for everyone. Text has never been easier.

For Number Eleven clear through to Number Forty Nine, find it here.

Source [via: vodafoneblog]

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