Want More Touch? Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis of RIM Confirmed It

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Co-CEO of RIM Mike Lazaridis was doing an interview with a laptop magazine and “spoke up” saying that RIM will be making more touch screen devices. RIM + Touch Screen + Already one bad touch screen device = HOPEFULLY some good things in the near future. As all of us know, RIM is capable of doing anything they want that’s great, it’s just time, trial, and error, which make these things perfect. The great thing is “Storm 2″ is on the way as far as we know.

Lazaridis basically says that he thinks it’s unfair that they push a device out (and their first touch screen at that) to please the market and they get torn up so bad over it. Lazaridis also said that devices are becoming much more complicated, and he believes that it’s true! Well….. I guess you have to blame someone or something for mistakes right?

Just be on the watch out for hot new touch screen devices very soon!

Have a look at the interview yourself here.

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    Just shows that RIM are stuck far up their own world (Canada I think its called). What distinguishes good top end devices? The software. Where have Apple and Palm spent their money – on their OS. Where has Windows failed – the OS. Where has HTC made its impact – TF3D ie the OS. Where’s the G1’s kudos – the OS. A box is more or less a box unless its a rubbish box. RIM has good boxes but keeps churning out variations without any innovation in the OS. It shows on the Storm. The latest upgrade has failed to address many of user desires that could have made it special. In the UK most media apps don’t work on it. I could live with an uglier box if it just did all it could.