Survey Says….RIM Leads The US Business Industry

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The iPhone’s Develeloper’s Journal just posted the findings of a Report on their site. The Strategy Analytics Wireless Enterprise Strategy Service Report is available and the results are in. RIM is leading in the business industry with the smart phone market share at 37% in all sizes of US businesses, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform is following behind in second with 26%. According to the survey, RIM customers were less willing to change their handset than other users on other platforms.

Some of the companies surveyed were Verizon and AT&T who carry most of the business subscriptions, AT&T are just a bit ahead in large enterprises (companies with 1000+), and Verizon showed deeper numbers along small companies (under 100). Employees of large enterprises showed to be the most loyal BlackBerry users. In the phones surveyed they also included Symbian, Google Android, and Apple’s iPhone, but not one of those phones were in serious running for the competition of US Business use.

[via BlackBerry News Desk & iPhone Developer’s Journal]

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