Software Update Alert: ÜberTwitter Keeps Getting Better

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ÜberTwitter recently updated, which I encourage you to update if you haven’t yet, and by all means please try it if you haven’t. I downloaded it and tried it when it first came out, but I noticed I had a few errors, but with the update at hand everything is running smooth and like a charm. In case you don’t know what ÜberTwitter is, it is an application that is considered a Twitter client for mobile phones, their first is for BlackBerry devices. It includes many features such as uploading pictures, integrating Google Talk, updating your location where you tweeted from based on cell phone towers, sending videos, and of course one of my favorite abilities, seeing your nearby tweeps.

It has gone from beta testing 1 to getting ready for beta 2 release. I’m excited for what’s in store. So let me go over some of the great fixes and updates that have arrived for this application:

Sound/Vib notifications

Battery usage trimmed significantly

Manual and longer refresh

Increase name screen field size on the options screen

Increase the GTalk user field size on the options screen.

Add Direct Messages to and Direct Messages From timelines

Add ‘Follow’ to context menu when clicking on @screenname

Fixed the bug where fonts were not resetting on change.

There are more they are currently working on, but so far I have not received anymore errors, and I’m quite impressed with this service so far. I do have to wonder however, how this application will compare to the TweetGenius. I have TwitterBerry and SocialScope, but I have not had the invite from TweetGenius as of yet. So far the ÜberTwitter has been quick, and offers quite the few options. The icon is the Ü with the Twitter bird sitting inside. When there are unread tweets, the dots turn red.

If you are interested in trying a new twitter client other than the current one you may be using, or if you have ÜberTwitter or tried it and was frustrated, please come back and try it again. I am sure you will be very impressed and find the client extremely useful. You can download the ÜberTwitter ota from your BlackBerry here. Download ÜberTwitter and You’ll be rocking!

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