Shazam launches for BlackBerry – Identify nearly any song, anywhere

April 1, 2009 | By | 20 Comments


Have you ever been driving along and heard a song that you just had to know what it was? A nifty application called Shazam is here to solve this problem. Originally Shazam was designed for the iPhone, however they have just released their first BlackBerry application. Shazam is offering a free 60 day trial for the app then you can purchase it. For some odd reason they decided to launch the application without supporting the BlackBerry Storm (who knows why). Anyways you can download Shazam from BlackBerry App World directly on your device.

Key features of Shazam for BlackBerry:

  • Identify music anywhere: from the radio, TV, film, or in a store by simply holding a BlackBerry smartphone towards the music and selecting ‘Tag Now’.
  • Buy music immediately when it’s heard: tag details link directly to Amazon, and other merchants as available, to give users instant access to the music they love and related music merchandise.
  • Share the experience: send tags to friends who share same musical taste via SMS, email or BlackBerry® PIN messaging.
  • Learn more about the music: read track and album reviews, artist biographies and (starting in North America initially) view song lyrics, plus find other music available from the same artist.
  • Options to find similar music: discover other music similar to the track users like, to enhance their music collection and knowledge.
  • Find out what’s hot and popular: access to Shazam music charts generated by millions of other users in country.
  • Music search capabilities: enabling users to easily find music by artist, album or track from a database with over 8 million songs.

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  • jeepgirl9575


  • mikitukka

    Can we please remember that only 3 countries can actually use app world.
    Please can you keep including alternative dl links!! Ill be passed if I jeep reading “get it at the app store”!!!!

  • B

    In fact App world doesn’t even work for many in those three countries (eg UK Storm users) so it’s set up to annoy lots of people. Hope you don’t rely on it for now.

  • Scott A.

    This is AWESOME! I heard about it for the Iphone a while back and I was envious. It works great, and I can even use it to find out the songs on movie soundtracks too! Three thumbs up!

  • CDS

    Looks cool wish I could find it in the app store on my storm.

  • Tom H.

    It was available for the storm for like one day before it was removed since it isn’t currently supported for the Storm! A friend of mine has it, but I also spent all day looking for it in Blackberry App World, only to find that it won’t show up right now for Storm users! This app was one I was really highly anticipating for apps when I bought my Storm as well, so I’m very disappointed!

  • shordee

    I wish I could download it for my blackberry pearl for some reason I can’t…could someone tell me why or how I do it I have the blackberry app world on my phone but can’t download shazam… My friend has a pearl also and she can get it….

  • Speedy

    Here it is download it OTA / email it to your self then download it. Works on the storm!

    Copy paste the link in email pretty self explanatory, if you don’t know how to do it you shouldn’t be trying it in the first place. :D

  • Speedy

    Here it is download it OTA / email it to your self then download it. Works on the storm!

    Copy paste the link in email pretty self explanatory, if you don’t know how to do it you shouldn’t be trying it in the first place. :D

  • JMC

    speedy u are my hero !! nice one dude

  • How to Get Six Pack Fast

    The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  • Gina

    Speedy you are amazing!! Thank you so much and so glad there is a Speedy out there in the world. Have a great day!!

  • chriss

    it says cannot open zip file :( but thanks speedy anyways..

  • Vigan

    It’s says to me “download failed” “Unable to import zip files” any1 can help me with this one? Thanks

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  • SosoBear

    i’ve had this app for a while now. It work most of the time but recently I tried to find a song featured in Hostel Part 2 ((when the guys are entering compound, here is the YouTube link, starts @ 6:23 , )) and when i Shazamed it, it matched it to some techno song, I listened to the whole song and is NOTHING AT ALL what I played ….. If anyone can help me with the song, I WOULD be in your debt forever! Thank you….