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I would like to introduce you to a program called vPost. VPost is an application published by Vayyoo. The application description states that you are able to send by email up to five different multimedia files in an email which includes: voice notes, pictures, video, and map location by utilizing your BlackBerry media. I evaluated this software on my Blackberry Curve 8330.

My wireless carrier does not have the GPS open so the GPS function was not enabled for this application. When first opening the application, I only knew what the description stated. The program is priced around ten dollars for a onetime fee. The icon sits as a little black box with blue lettering, once installed. I really was interested in this software for a few reasons, having all the phone’s multimedia applications in one place, and how it would appeal to newbies who have not gotten the hang of the video camera, camera, or voice notes.

The program is compatible with BlackBerry OS 4.5 and 4.6. I like that you can customize the background of the application, displaying any picture of your choosing from your micro sd card. The application is unique in that it supports GPS. You can begin by writing a note, then adding your voice note, and pictures, video, and map location. You can either send the email from favorites or your email application. You are not limited to creating the files live; you can attach any files from your microsd card. I like the idea of sending live moments such as a concert or wedding from your phone. When sending the vPost from the application by using Favorites, you can have: to, cc, and bcc, which gives you three email addresses to send to. Sending from the application is actually a bit less time consuming than from your email. You are able to send up to 1.5 MB in the email.

The friendly easy to use interface is easy to use, clicking on each option and going back twice after a picture or video is created. You can use options and it’s very easy to use, with: Help, About, Check for Updates, Send Feedback, your background image, and the GPS options, Attach Files, recording and launching for the pictures and video, and settings. In settings, you have General, Location, Favorites, Advanced, and Hot Key. Location is where you can choose which GPS maps to include, such as BlackBerry Maps or Google Maps.

The pros of the program are that it makes the multimedia applications on your phone easy to use to email together. It’s easy to delete and retake if you don’t like the first picture or video, and you can personalize it. It gives email a new take, and makes it more user friendly if you’re still getting used to finding your camera and video, since it’s all in one application and very accessible.
The only cons I found with the program were that when I first installed the program I could not get the video to work, but restarting the phone solved this issue. Another flaw was not the con of the phone, but of my carrier as the GPS could not be accessible. Another downside might be the size of the maximum file size, but any larger would take longer to send.

I would rate the application five stars for the user-friendliness, five stars for originality, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in emailing their moments to their family, loved ones, and specified online sites. In fact, I’m going to use the “Invite Friends to try vPost” option that is in the application to start now.

Video Preview of vPost 1.0:

During reviewing this application Vayyoo released new version 2.0. Here is my conclusions after upgrading:

There’s been a new updated version of vPost, published by Vayyoo. I installed this update on my Curve 8330. The new version, 2.0, has some really improved fixes to the application. Among the new improvements are support for the BlackBerry Storm, improved memory management, and a new theme. I noticed the look of the updated version right away. It’s more appeasing to the eye, and the menu isn’t near as long which makes it less confusing. Settings are more precise in choices: General; GPS; Voice; Favorites; Email Widget; and Widget shortcuts. It’s more detailed and allows more changes. The theme is a dark grey background now, which the light grey window for the note, a blue window showing the attachments, and so the colors appear more aesthetic. GPS can be disabled or enabled as well, it is easier to use with the media programs of the phone. I really like how instead of showing a voice note icon, when you record, there is a sound pattern that shows. I liked seeing that, it looks more advanced. Also you can see the number of attachments on the top left as you go. You can do as many pictures, voice notes, and short videos that you’d like, just so long as they are under 1.5 MB.

The pros of the application are the ease of use being able to send an email using all the media functions of the phone. And compared to the last version, this version makes it even more easier to use with less confusion. I really found the color combinations appealing, and really liked that the phone didn’t freeze or take long periods accessing files. You can send to email accounts, and also to social networks and blogging sites such as flickr and wordpress among others, and also using a site called Posterous ( which by email allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter.

The cons were that the attachments still must be under 1.5 MB, but again this would take longer to send.

For the rating of this application, for user friendliness I give it five stars. For the use and functions, I was very excited over the fact my phone did not freeze when inserting a file from the microsd card, which the previous version did, so it gets five stars for the function. And for the look and feel of the application, I would have to give that five stars as well. If you’re just learning your Blackberry and want to use your email to save the moments that count, or if you blog and use network sites and want to share the moments at hand, then this application is one you cannot miss. From Beginner to the Savvy BlackBerry user, this program will enhance your experience with the multi media fuctions of your phone, sharing it with the world. For under ten dollars, this program is well worth it and more!


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  • Scott

    I’m loving this application for all the reasons stated above, however, I also cannot get the GPS working. I’m using a BB Storm on the Verizon network and GPS is working great with google maps and bb maps but refuses to work with vPost. Is this because of Verizon or do I have a different issue?

  • Scott

    Vayyoo support just sent me a download link to an updated version that took care of my GPS issues

  • Kyle

    great review! the 1500kb size limit has been made configurable in version 2.0 and now supports up to 15 attachments!!!

  • http://link driver36

    I can’t recreate the error. ,