Review: Smart Skin Case from Case-Mate, Smart and Savvy

April 22, 2009 | By | 3 Comments


My review is on the Smart Skin from Case-Mate, priced at $19.95 in red, black, purple, and silver. Case Mate has been around for a while, the company has been online with their products since 2005. They have some excellent cases with reasonable prices, and a few designer cases designed to appeal to those with a taste for unique and expensive. I was really excited to review this product for a few reasons. The look, the feel, and the price.

When the case first arrived, I opened the box to find the case with a screen protector included, a cloth, and a squeegy. I cleaned my screen carefully, and carefully took off the backing of the protector and applied it slowly. After going over with the squeegy to avoid bubbles and wrinkles, I wiped over it to remove any fingerprints. I then installed it on the phone by slipping my phone into the case. For the review I chose red and I really liked it. It’s a bright Dairy Queen Dilly Bar red and the lights show up through the special material of the smart skin.

I like that all the openings that count are left opened (such as speakers and ports), including access to the trackball and lens, I love how the keyboard is covered and dust and dirt free. The side buttons are covered but raised and textured as the buttons they cover. If anyone touches my phone and keyboard I don’t wince since my keys are protected and clean.

What makes the case unique is that it does have the world’s first case with a laser cut keyboard cover. The light of the keyboard shines through, making it even easier to see your keys if you haven’t memorized them already. The unique carbon fiber pattern makes it nice to hold with the silicone material…it feels right to grip and especially nice on the sticky pad I keep on my dashboard. I’m able to take those turns without my phone flying.

The Cons of this product are that for Verizon users, the LED light is covered, but it still shines through. There is no holster for the phone. For me, this was not an issue since I leave my phone in my hand or my purse and I pamper my phone.

The Pros of course are the grip design, so if your hands are sweating you can grip it better, and it sticks to other surfaces quite well. It protects against dirt and dust. It covers the keyboard which most skins do not. It has an easy to see keyboard cover. The sound is not compromised by being covered. The screen protector is an added bonus I liked. The case does not add a lot of bulk to the phone, just enough to “cushion”.

As a rating, I give it five stars for appearance, five stars for ease of installation, and four and a half stars for the reflection of the pros and cons.

[rating: 4.5/5]

This phone is perfect if you through it in your pocket or purse, and want a great coversation starter. I highly recommend the Smart Skin for daily use, for style that isn’t compromised by protection, for home and office, and the bright colors are hard to miss if you are always forgetting where you laid your phone at.   The Smart Skin can be found here.

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