President Obama To Be Reunited With His Improved BlackBerry

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We remember the good fight President Obama put up for his beloved BlackBerry. He has made the BlackBerry nation proud! A BlackBerry is so addicting that even the President of the United States can’t give it up. Well shortly after his inauguration he was forced to give up his unsecured BlackBerry. He has been having to use a BlackBerry with a NSA-secured device known as Sectera Edge, made by General Dynamics Corp. It must be plugged into his BlackBerry making the BlackBerry more to keep track of.

But hope is not lost as the top-secret high-security BlackBerry 8830 is in the last stages of development by the National Security Agency and they will be making sure that the encryption meets all standards, especially federal standards. The President may hopefully have his BlackBerry in the next few months. He will be able to securely send texts, emails, phone calls, and also likely to be supplied with the same Blackberry smart phones will be his top aides and his wife and First Lady, Michelle Obama. A company known as The Genesis Key, Inc will be using their software they developed called SecureVoice, which will protect information from hackers, eavesdroppers, and spies alike. The SecureVoice applications are designed for the government, military, military intelligence, and security agencies. For more information on The Genesis Key, click here.

I would have to say in President Obama’s case his determination is about to pay off proving good things really do come to those who wait.

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