Preparing For Earth Day: SAVE THE MEMORY!

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I know we all have had some times where we’ve had to do the battery pull because of the hourglass taking forever and a day. And it usuallly happens when we least need it to. So in light of this, I am going to go over the best practices for freeing memory up and helping your phone last longer between battery pulls. So let’s begin…

If You Don’t Do It, The Manager Will

I am going to explain the reason you lose data when you have low memory, the BlackBerry has a Low Memory Manager. Now you can save your own memory by removing old data and applications you never use, and that includes BrickBreaker if you never use it. But what the Low Memory Manager does is when your Black Berry runs low, it starts by removing cached data, then it will start with medium priority such as old emails and old calendar entries, and last it will make the email applications start erasing emails.

ALWAYS Keep Up With Updates

The very most important and crucial thing you can do is to keep your operating system, software on the phone and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager updated to the latest versions. If you have third party software, it’s a great idea to keep checking and make sure that you have the latest version. The Operating System of your phone is updated for a reason and so is the Desktop Manager. Keeping them updated addresses issues that have been fixed. To update the Desktop Manager you can go to the BlackBerry website. To update the Operating System, go to your cellphone carrier’s website. For third party, you can go where you downloaded the software.

Freeing Up Memory By Playing Your Card

So the first thing we’re go over is freeing up space. I always recommend a microsd card for the BlackBerry. It’s added storage and frees up memory. Moving all your pictures, videos, voicenotes, music, and ringtones to the card will free up memory. Format the microsd card so you are able to use it, click on the camera icon, click the options button, select options, set store pictures on the media card and save. This will automatically save anything you download now to the card.

Lose It If You Don’t Use It

Removing any languages you don’t use and the sample video from the BlackBerry will help as well. I usually remove these at set up, but for those of you who have done it yourself it’s very easy to remove. Go into Options> Advanced Options>Applications. In Applications, highlight the languages you see that you don’t use and choose option button and delete. Then highlight the BlackBerry sample video, click option button and delete. After doing this, it’s recommended to do a battery pull and wait thirty seconds before reinserting  the battery.

Move It

Changing how much space is set aside for pictures will help too. Media>Pictures and option button then options. You are going to set the Device Memory Limit to the lowest option and you are going to change the reserved Pictures Memory setting to zero MB. Once again do a thirty second battery pull.

Less Room, More Memory

Changing your calendar and messages to stay on for thirty days will help as well. For changing the calendar you go to the calendar icon, then Options>General Options. Set it for thirty days, or even fifteen if you don’t need to see ahead of that. For messages, go to the icon and then Options>General Options and change that as well. Make sure you are saving the changes.

Free Your Cache

Clearing the browser and the history will free up more memory. Open your browser, click options button, Options>Cache Operations. Clear all the options then hit the escape key.

Compress For Room

Enabling the Content Compression on your phone will help as well. Go to Options>Security and Enable Content Compression.

Programs to the Rescue

Now for those of us who just feel we want more, there are some great applications available from our store. You can try the QuickPullv.2 (free), and Memory Viewer ($3.99) and a few others that range in price. You can find them here:

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